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WorldOps aka World Operations are the police of Utherverse. They consist only of staff members and there are no volunteers directly involved in their day-to-day operations. That said they employ a small army of volunteers that perform specific tasks in-world. The only way to contact WorldOps is via ticket or email and very seldomly in-world.

WorldOps policies[]

WorldOps has created in conjunction with the legal department several Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service agreements.

Rules of Conduct Terms of Service
Utherverse Rules of Conduct Utherverse Terms of Service
Red Light Center Rules of Conduct Red Light Center Terms of Service
Virtual Vancouver Rules of Conduct Virtual Vancouver Terms of Service

WorldOps deal with the following:

  • Reporting a user: You can report a user to WorldOps by filling in the Report Abuse By Member form.
  • Legal Matters: Legal information can be found at: https://www.utherverse.com/legal.aspx
  • Privacy Policy: The current privacy policy can be found at: https://www.utherverse.com/Privacy.aspx
  • DCMA: You can report a copyright infringements to WorldOps by going to the DMCA page.
  • Bans: If you get a message that you are banned you will need to directly contact WorldOps via ticket or email. No other support channels have access to ban information and therefor only WorldOps can go into detail regarding your ban.
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