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The Virtual World Web or VWW is a type of URL that you can input in Utherverse. This works similar as http in a web browser. You can even hyperlink VWW urls to prompt the game to launch.

When you launch the game and after logging in you will arrive at: vww://utherverse.vww/Utherverse/trans

This VWW gives some detailed information about your location. The following table gives a breakdown of the URL.

Type Explanation
vww:// This is the virtual world web protocol. *
utherverse This is the 3D website address. *
.vww This narrows down the top level domain. In case of Utherverse this is always .vww *
/ Donates a sub folder/location and further subdivisions denote more nodes in the tree and usually indicate the pressence of a personal user domain.
@ This denotes the actual numeric address your located at. If there double use of @ in the url, this means the first one is always the world and the second is the actual address. If there is only one name or one @ and numeric value this usually indicated a zaby. The world for zabys is always considered to be the Utherverse domain.
# The use of this in the url means donates a startpoint location, and can have any name giving the by the startpoint creator. If there is no startpoint setup the url always points to #default, even if this is not shown in the URL.
Generic Words Sometimes instead of @ plus a numeric value you can see words instead, these are set by the property owner and can currently only be set for personal domain properties.

If the generic word is right after .vww/ this means its an officially named location owned and operated by Utherverse. There are currently also a few worlds operated by Utherverse and its brands.

Zabys can never have a unique name, unless they are located under a world.

* Described in more detail on the Utherverse Structure page.

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