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The User Interface (UI) is a graphical overlay that gives access to many of the in-game features such as Chatting, Settings, avatar customisation and more.

The main features are the Navigation bar, the Corner ring, hints, the Chat panel, and the Quickbar. Other optional pop-up panels include Relationships and Game Statistics.

You can switch the UI on or off using the = key. This is useful for taking screenshots.

Interface Themes[]

default UV RLC VV

Navigation bar[]

BtnBack Back - Ports you back to the previous visited URL.

BtnHome Home - Ports you to the Transport Center if clicked while in-world (found on the upper left of your screen beneath the URL bar).

URL Bar - Displays the URL of your current region. You can enter a new URL then click the GO button to port there. You also find a history of the last visited regions on the drop-down arrow button.


Topbar myprofile - Opens a new web browser tab in the Social Center and allows you to view your profile. This is also the quickest method to access the Social Center.

Topbar landmarks - Here are the shortcuts to your favourite places (saved using Create Landmark).

Topbar properties - Opens the Property Manager pop-up panel with a list of all properties where you have decorate permissions.

Topbar explore - Opens a pop-up Explore panel containing events and more.

Topbar buyrays - Opens a new web browser tab in the Social Center and allows you to buy rays.

Topbar CS - Opens a new web browser tab in the Utherverse support website.

Image cam and Image mic - These are displayed next to the Corner Ring if your webcam and mic are enabled on the Settings panel.


The Quickbar is a drop-down action menu and actions strip is located on the top left-hand side of the screen. It is there to help you access all the actions your avatar can do in a quick and easy way. There are 10 rows of 10 slots which you can customize with your favourite dance moves, sex actions, emotions and much more.


Corner Ring[]


The Corner Ring is used to undress your avatar and the around the ring you can find icons which open up specific UI elements such as Y custom Customize - Clothing, Z settings Settings, Z dimension Dimensions, Z friends Relationships and Z open Home Options.

If you have a basic account a Upgradeicon is shown instead of the option to undress, clicking this will allow you to proceed to the upgrade page, to upgrade your basic account up to a VIP or UVIP account.

Chat panel[]

Chat window2

The Chat panel can be used for a variety of functions and is mostly used to communicate to other members and your friends across Utherverse. You can also send emotes via the chat window and certain other commands. It is possible to open private message windows and group chat windows allowing you to communicate in private to others. You can resize the chat panel, enlarge the text, and change the see-through quality of the background from black to transparent giving a more immersive feel to the game.

Relationships panel[]

FriendsLocatorPanel LocalTab-0

Z friends (shortcut F6) - This lists your current friends, lets you search for people and lets you ignore existing friends. Note: You can access your full Friend List and ignore via the Social Center.

The Relationships panel comprises four tabbed sections; Friends, Local, Search and Ignores.

The number of current Members Online is displayed at the very top left of the panel. This number is constantly being updated. This is the same number as can be found in the F2 Stats panel the Online section.

This panel can be made longer by clicking the Expand button UI Expand button under the scrollbar.

Friends tab[]

This alphabetical list. is split up into two sections. The first lists and shows a count of your friends who are currently online (only those friends choosing to show as online). The second section below the last of your online friends, lists everyone else who is on your friends list who is currently not showing online. Friends names in this section are listed in white.

The total number of friends (on and offline) in your Friends List is is displayed in white on the right of this panel under the row of tabs.

Badges are shown behind the users, who have these, for unknown reasons there is a bug and these do not show up correctly all the time.

Local tab[]

This lists all people who are in your currently location. Your own name is always shown at the top of this list in teal color. Everyone else's name is listed in the order of the age of their profile. The older profiles are at the top and youngest profiles are at the bottom.

The total number of members at this location is displayed in white on the right of this panel under the row of tabs.

Note: If you have someone on ignore or someone has you on ignore, then their name will not show up, either in this Local tab or in the Chat panel on the Local tab. There are exceptions to this, which will be covered in another section.

Search tab[]

This tab contains two different searches. The first, which is the default search, is just a Search List with green button with the text All. Below this section is the field where you can type in users name or part of their name (minimum of three characters). Type in your search name then click the search button. All names (where users allow for their name to be searched) of users that are currently logged in world will show up in the field below. As discussed in other sections you can right-click on their name and will have options available to you.

The second section is the Staff/Volunteer search. Click the button directly to the right so it is highlighted green. Then click the search button. All staff and volunteers that are currently logged in world will then be displayed in the bottom section. All staff and volunteers can be sent Private Message (PM) by any type of account holder, even if they only have basic account.

Ignores tab[]

This list hold the names of people you have ignored. It does not show names of people who have ignored you. People you put on ignore will have their avatar, chat and all other interactions with you hidden from your view. You can right-click any username in the Ignore tab to undo the ignore and be able to see their chat and avatar once again.

Right-clicking avatars or names[]

Rightclick in chat

When you right-click a user you get a short menu to interact with them. What this menu displays can very depending where you are right-clicking. Basic accounts are limited to what they will see in the right-click menus compared to VIP or UVIP members.

The table below displays a list of all the different menu items that can pop up around Utherverse. With explanations of where you need to be.

Basic (U)VIP Name Description
Copy Message This appears when clicking in the chatwindow and allows you to copy the message.
Profile This opens up the profile page on the social center of your target.
View Stream This opens up the being.me webpage.
Transfer Rays Opens up the Ray Transfer user interface, and allows you to send Rays to your target.
Limited Private Mesage This allows you to open a private chat window between you and the target user. In normal circumstances basic accounts cannot see this function unless they are right-clicking a staff or volunteer.
Private Message (VIP-Only)
Limited 1-on-1 Chat This is broken.
Go There (Avatar)
Go There (Region)
Go There (Zaby)
Add To Friend This allows you to become a friend with someone. If you are already friends you will see the option to remove them from your friendslist.
Remove From Friend
Add To Ignores This allows you to add the target user to your ignore list. The remove from ignores option can only be seen in your ingore list and you can only remove the ignore from there.
Remove From Ignores
Invite To Dance This allows you to dance with your target user. If this is done outside of a dancefloor you can only use slow dancing. On dance floors more styles of partner dances are available.
Invite To Hold Hands This allows you to hold hands with the target user.
Rock Paper Scissors This allows you to play a game of rock, paper and scissors with the target user. To perform this a new special user interface is opened up.
Massage needs an appropriate bed near by For some reason when there is no massage bed near this message is shown in this block of the right-click menu, while when massage is possible it is show in the adult block below.
Invite For Standing-Sex This allows you to invite your target user to have standing sex with you. Both of you must be naked.
Invite For Massage This allows you to massage your target user, a bed needs to be near by.
Invite For Sex This allows you to have intercourse your target user, a bed needs to be near by otherwise a grey error message will be shown untill you comply with the requirements. This options is also used for other sexable options, such as BDSM, Dungeon Crosses and Hanging Sex.
Sex needs an appropriate bed near by
Invite For Sex ( must be naked )
Invite For Three-Way-Sex This option allows you to have sex with 2 other users. You need to seperately invite them to do this. If no appropriate bed is near by or you are not naked you cannot invite anyone for Three-Way-Sex.
Three-Way-Sex needs an appropriate bed near by
Invite For Sex (VIP-Only) This message is shown to basic members only and tells them to upgrade in order to use the adult options.
You Need To Face Your Target
Already Engaged
Not Close Enough For Interaction
Buy me a Gift VIP
Buy me VIP Webgift
Boot From Region


Hints button

These help messages are displayed when you hit certain triggers. They will help you learn about certain function that are possible within Utherverse. They are a sort of virtual guide of the game and teach you the game in phase. This is highly recommended for new members. New members can also contact a guide for further help or questions.

You can turn of these tooltips in the settings.

Statistics panel[]

F2 menu

Press F2 to open the Statistics panel which gives useful technical information.

XYZ This is your avatar's current location within the property.
Rotation The first value is the rotation on a 360° and the second value is the rotation from 0 to 6.27 (in radians) which can be used in the Prop Editor when setting a landing rotation on Move To scripts. Angles used are described in more detail here.
Fps Frame Rate per Second (FPS)
Latency / ms This is the latency expressed in milisecond to the server. Higher numbers means more lag compared to the server. Of course depending your geographical location this number can be higher because of the distance to Toronto, Canada were the servers are located. This is a version of a ping test.
Server This is the current server number you are on. Utherverse has interlinked servers.
Domain This is the domain you are located in. If this is a zaby this will always be 1.
Online This is the number of users currently online in the game.
Region This is the location of the specific property.
Template This is the Template ID number of the property. This is useful to know when you want to transfer a layout to another person cause they must own this template to apply the layout.
Instance This is the property number. If this is not a zaby you need to add the domain in front of this to have the exact URL you are located it.


When you hover your mouse in-world, if certain actions or animations are possible your mouse pointer changes to reflect this.

BrushPNG Brush tool Used solely in the World Texture Editor for painting your selected texture one face at a time.
BucketPNG Bucket tool Used solely in the World Texture Editor, it replaces all occurrences of the clicked texture with your selected texture as shown in your Texture Preview panel.
ChairsitPNG Sit Option When you see this option this means you can sit there.
DoorPNG Port/Door Option When you see this option you can click the object and it will teleport you, either in the same property or to another property.
DrinkPNG Drink This means you can pick up an object and drink it.
EyedropperPNG Eyedropper tool Used solely in the WTE for selecting a texture from an existing face and displaying it in the Texture Preview panel..
FaceselectPNG Texture tool Selects a face to edit in the WTE.
HandPNG Hand/Interact tool This means you can interact with the object.
SpyglassPNG Zoom/Look tool This will most likely open a website in your browser.
EatMushroom Eat Mushroom This allows you to pickup a mushroom and eat it.
EatPill Eat Pill This allows you to pickup a pill and consume it. This also gives you a glowie if you step on a dance floor when this mode is in effect.
EatSnack Eat Snack This allows you to pickup a snack and eat it.
Emitters Emitter This allows your to toggle on an emitter or animated texture.
Emittersback Emitter Off This only appears, once you have enabled an emitter/animated texture. This allows you to toggle the emitter/animated textures off again.
HandClick Hand Click This appears on web browsers scripts and allows you to zoom into them to interact with it. Web browser set to interactive will not have this cursor.
Popbrowser in

PopUp Browser (Internal)

This appears on objects that have the pop up browser script linked to them and will open a UI window ingame with a website in it.
Popupbrowser out PopUp Browser (External) This appears on objects that have the pop up browser script linked to them and setup to open in the users external default browser.
VIPRobe VIP Rope This appears with VIP Ropes and tells you, that you must be VIP to enter.
Bull Bull This allow your to perform the bullride action. The rights to use this prop and script are exclusively held by Cowboys
MoveTo Move to URL This shows up when you get teleported to another instance. This will always show a loading screen!
MoveToLocation Move to Location This will show up when you teleport within the same instance. This will never move you into a loading screen!
MoveToOwnedStartPoint Move to Owned Start Point This shows up when you are teleported to a specific Startpoint in an instance. (This can be a loading screen or not)
Mute Listen Off This allows you to mute sounds or music.
Unmute Listen On This allows you to play sounds or music.
OFF Off Switch off (used with the Clickable Trigger state and Trigger Linked Script script).
ON On Switch on (used with the Clickable Trigger state and Trigger Linked Script script).
PickupObject Pick Up Object

This allows you to pickup an object and hold it on your avatar temporarily.

PlayDrums Play Drums This allows you to play the drums on a drumset.
Operate Operate This will show up on scaleable objects or
OperateBack Operate Off This will show up on scalable objects if they were previously clicked. This will revert their change.
Rotatedoor Rotate Door This will show up with doors.
SmokeHookah Smoke Hookah This allows you to smoke a hookah pipe.
PoleDanceIcon Pole Dance This shows up on poles where females or TG females can pole dance.
StartBondageSexSequence Bondage Sex This shows up on bondage beds.
StartLapSequence Lap Dance This shows up on lap dance chairs.
StartMassageSequence Massage This shows up on massage beds.
StartSexSequence Sex This shows up on vanilla sex beds.
StartSexSuspendedSequence Suspended Sex This shows up on suspended ropes.
StartSexXposeSequence Bondage Cross Sex This shows up on dungeon crosses.
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