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This Updates page show the changes made to the Utherverse game client by the development team. The current version is 1.09.5000 and was released on September 14 2021.

There had been a long break of updates and only recently have there been new efforts been put into development. This is usually a very short description of the actual notes. A more complete list can be found on this page.

Changes that do not require an updated Utherverse game client, or that refer to other Utherverse feature are known as Hot Fixes.

Utherverse is currently looking for additional requests of new content, there is a post called Quick Update made by KendrickT on the forum in the general section that requests this.

Recent updates[]

Version Date Released Notes
1.09.5000+ Oct 07, 2021 Small fixes that are live already:
  • Fix for auto dance timer stopping when closing/opening Quickbar.
  • Fix for typing not working sometimes in stand-alone browser windows.
  • Changed how the Quickbar opens/closes to prevent entering a broken, half-open state when the Tooltip is displayed.
  • Event Calendar from Social Center: you can right-click on events like normal links to open in a new tab.
  • Event Calendar from Social Center: fixed a size issue with the sidebar.
  • Event Calendar from Social Center: if you leave the page and press the back button, you'll be brought back to where you last were.
1.09.5000 Sep 14, 2021 We are releasing a small update that addresses mostly User Interface changes. This is a wrap-up of changes we wanted to introduce in the last update but were incomplete at the time. The major updates here regard the functionality of the Property Editor, we wanted to make it a bit easier for decorators to manage their properties as well as find props much easier. A long requested feature has been the option to select your theme instead of having to download a different brand. Now you can set your preferred look. Read more about these changes below.

UI Theme Picker

A couple of updatess ago we introduced new colorful user interface themes for the different brands of Utherverse namely; Virtual Vancouver, Redlightcenter and Utherverse. We have had a lot of requests to make it possible to select which theme the client displays. We are happy to announce that this is now possible. You can set and select your theme in Settings <F7> using the Interface tab.

Prop Editor

While we have done a lot of changes to the interface and themes in the past few updatess, we still had to upgrade the Prop Editor. We added a Loading bar to the Prop Editor so you can see clearly how long it takes to open the Prop Editor. This is useful in locations that have a high prop count where it can take ten seconds or more to load the Prop Editor, this update makes it easier to see that the Prop Editor is still loading.

] We also updated the graphics to better match the new themes and fix information that was not displaying correctly. As well as updating the visuals of the Prop Editor, we have created more functionality to the Prop List.

Prop Search
We expanded the functionality of the Prop List by adding a Search feature. There are two different ways you can search for props; one is by searching for prop names and the other is by searching for scripts.

  • Searching for props by a propname (or partial name), GML name, or PropID.
  • Searching for scripts by a script name (or partial name) to search all three script levels simultaneously.

To search, type in the search term and press <Enter>. To clear your search, empty the Search bar and press <Enter> again. Your searches are remembered if you switch between searching for props or or scripts.

Prop List
While searching already improves the functionality of the Prop List, we also added new buttons to scroll through the script-levels (see image above). We also added a value behind each script that tells you how many scripts are on a specific prop.

You can now detach the Prop List from the Prop Editor and expand the information displayed. You can drag the Prop List wider and taller by clicking and dragging the left side of the detached window, or the bottom of the detached panel. In the detached mode you can also see the coordinates of each prop by XYZ. Expanding the Prop List in width allows more information to be displayed, up to three columns in the Script view and the location column in the ID view.


Other User Interface updates
In addition to overhauling the Prop Editor and allowing client theming, we have made lots of other smaller changes.

Property Manager grouping

Perhaps not the most exciting feature, but we have a large community that have been here for many years and their Property Manager list kept growing as they added more properties. Therefore we added a grouping feature to the Property Manager. This allows you to group properties by the name of the owner. This makes it easier to find properties that you have access to. We also added mass closing to the Property Manager. If you close and reopen the Other Editable Business and/or Other Editable Zabys sections it will collapse all the usernames under it. Making it even easier to find a specific person’s properties.

Chat panel
We have made some updates to the Chat panel, most notably to the icon bar at the top. We added a new pin feature that disables both the dragging of the Chat panel and the maximize button. Furthermore, we added an arrow to the icon bar that hides most of the options for Chat panel customizations. This gives a cleaner look and helps you avoid accidentally clicking on the icons.


Undressing your avatar
VIP-users can now dress their avatar by right-clicking the avatar in the Corner Ring. So now you can take off your pants with a left-click and put them back on with a right-click.

Statistics panel <F2>
We updated the Statistics panel <F2> to improve the readability of the XYZ coordinates of your avatar’s position. These values are now displayed on individual lines.

Client menu
We added a new menu which is opened by pressing <F12> or clicking the Client Menu option in the Corner Ring dropdown menu. This new menu has the following options:

  • Open your Social Center.
  • Open the Utherverse wiki on the Fandom website.
  • Open the Customer Support website.
  • Open the Live Tech Support Chat website. Note that Support Chat is disabled at times when it is unavailable. To find more information for Tech Support, or other support, visit the Support Website, which is available 24/7.
  • Open the Settings panel.
  • Logout (to go to the Login screen).
  • Quit the program entirely.
Close the Client menu by either clicking anywhere outside the Client menu or pressing the <Escape> key. Tip: Did you know that pressing the Escape key also closes other user interface panels in-world

Event Calendar
The in-world Event Calendar got some love in previous updatess. Now the Event Calendar website (via your Social Center) also got this same love. This gives a new fresh look to the Event Calendar and improves the visibility of events that occur on the next day. We also resolved some bugs where certain events were not showing up on the calendar.

Full update notes

  • UI scheme picker default for VV, RLC and UV is now in Settings. A re-login is required to see the changes;
  • Loading the Prop Editor now displays a progress bar with the correct loading stages;
  • Property Manager grouping added;
  • Prop Editor background and images nave been updated with new art;
  • Added Prop List detacher button;
  • Detached Prop List resizing height and width, to allow for more information display;
  • Fixed having to re-login when making certain changes in Game Settings <F7>;
  • Added Search to the Prop List for scripts and props;
  • Mouse pointer is now hidden when resizing the Prop List;
  • Added minor support for DPI scaling, certain previously bugged things now look better on higher resolutions;
  • Client menu added to the game as the last option in the dropdown menu from the Circle Ring;
  • Corner Ring avatar dressing changed to: left-click = undress item (as it always was) | right-click = dress item (you cannot dress when you are already fully dressed);
  • Bug fix for mouse issue that occasionally crashed the game client;
  • Event Calendar website updated see here;
  • Setting panel <F2>: XYZ coordinates are now displayed per line;
  • Added <F12> key to open the Client menu;
  • Replaced Logout, with new Client menu from the Corner Ring dropdown menu;
  • Animated UI elements to hide icons from Chat panel and Quickbar;
  • Added pinning to lock Chat panel size;
  • Fixed issue where the Quickbar not functioning when closed and then relogging;
  • Added setting on the Interface tab, to hide show quit confirmation message;
  • Added setting on the Interface tab, to hide show logout confirmation message;
  • Adjusted position of the Prop List.
1.09.4974 Jun 15, 2021 Fix for loading screen bug.
1.09.4972 Jun 9, 2021 Some minor bugfixes:
1.09.4967 Jun 8, 2021 When we started updating again, one of the major problems we encountered was a lot of old commented out code, code that didn’t do anything anymore, or things that were tested and never made it to the foreground. In order to move forward we have done a lot of clean-up of the code to structure it better. While the current update isn’t as big as the previous ones. There are a lot of changes that should make performance better, and certain bugs should cease to exist and crashing your client.

For further information, see here.

  • Added support for specific foreign language keyboards;
  • Removed left overs from Flash;
  • Resized Friends Locator panel width;
  • Allow expanded view of Friends Locator, Property Manager and Startpoint manager panels;
  • Added new commands /cagedance, /dance, /cdance, /edance and /catwalk;
  • Updated icons and tree in Quickbar Editor;
  • Added new icons that were missing in the Quickbar;
  • Added new icons for the new actions that can be performed via the Quickbar;
  • Added catwalk and cage dancing actions;
  • Fixed Trigger Linked Prop script from crashing when it was pointing to a non-existing/deleted propID;
  • UI panels are now remembered and saved in the state they were closed at;
  • Staff/Volunteer search button has been fixed to jump correctly to the one that is selected;
  • Added /broadcast <message> command;
  • Added webcam support for Web Browser scripts;
  • Added webmic support for Web Browser scripts;
  • Added Capslock, Cltr, Alt, Shift, Tab functions to Web Browser scripts;
  • Created a Media tab on the Settings panel, and moved relevant settings for media from General tab to the Media tab;
  • Events app in-game updated to show missing events;
  • Event app updated to show expired events as grayed-out (up to 4 hours after event ended);
  • Various other bug fixes to Events app;
  • Customer Support button on the main menu bar graphics should now correctly display;
  • When logging in and rent is not paid for a property you are trying to login to, you will be teleported to Utherverse transport region;
1.09.4928 Dec 22, 2020 As announced several times on the forums, Adobe and Microsoft are dropping support for Flash. This client update mainly focuses on the removal of Flash from the Utherverse client, and add new features for the embedded Chromium browser that serve partially as a replacement for the loss of Flash functionality. Additionally, this update also addresses changes and new features to the user interface. For further information, see here .
  • Login screen updated and rearranged, increased the size of the UI and increased the size of the MOTD panel. Rearranged the Login, Signup and Quit buttons;
  • New MOTD panel on the Login screen with four tabbed views that displays four recent updates. Hovering over the images enlarges the new page of that item;
  • Added an Option button to the Login window. (though currently the Control tab cannot be accessed via the Login screen and is only editable once logged in;
  • Chromium browser added to Events tab in Explore;
  • Chromium browser added to Directory tab in Explore;
  • Chromium now supports mp4;
  • Chromium Mouse Scrolling added to browser windows;
  • Events HTML5 edition loaded to Events tab in Explore;
  • Creep3d HTML5 edition loaded to Directory tab in Explore;
  • Scroll bar fix for Explore tabs (Dragging scrollbar still bugged);
  • Music Control panel added to UI, can be opened with /music;
  • Music Control added to adjust music stream Volume with Play, Pause and Stop buttons added;
  • Streams are automatically added to the Music Control, even if not set to activate on load, users can individually start these now;
  • Music Controls added to the drop-down menu;
  • Removal of Flash. Any Flash windows now display an error image that Flash is no longer available;
  • Removal of copy flash script and conversion to cached web image script;
  • Added global variables to maintain volume levels across sessions and loading screens;
  • Browser now has a stand-alone component (optional multiple instances);
  • Static Flash elements have been removed and replaced with Cached Web Image script;
  • Typing is now possible in all browser windows;
  • Signup window now has a Chromium update;
  • Options can now be reopened and closed on the Login window;
  • Browser windows can be dragged in position;
  • Maintain music bug fix;
  • Prop Play Music script changes now reflect on the music UI;
  • Target _blank now opens in the default browser set by the user. It no longer opens a pop-up window;
  • New prop script Popup Browser;
  • Added two new mouse cursors to support the new popup browser;
  • Options/Settings menu removed voice tab;
  • Enter function is now working in chromium windows;
  • Options Login Screen removed control tab from view;
  • Badges now shows in friendlist;
  • Local list own name has teal color;
  • Backspace works in chromium forms;
  • PID copy now on prop left-click menu;
  • PID copy now has a visible message that it is copied to clipboard;
  • Removed stream options from avatar menu and chat pane;
  • Auto-Resize for lower resolutions for the login window;
  • Dance floor script now has an option to disable glowies on them, this disabled the rave dancing for those floors;
  • Some glowsticks can now be handpicked by typing /glowstick.
1.09.4910 Sept 27, 2020 Friends chat bugfix.
1.09.4909 Sept 25, 2020 Update to friends chat color to allow for colored name and white text.
1.09.4908 Sept 23, 2020

Custom brands keep the classic user interface.

Note: This is a temporary solution till we have the option to make the interface more adaptable and changeble by choice. We did this because custom brands had no way to pick any of the three new user interfaces and would be stuck one just the Utherverse one.

1.09.4906 Sept 23, 2020

Some minor changes:

  • Fixed vww links in Chromium;
  • Fixed PM display for RLC GUI, should be more visible now;
  • "Activate on load" is now located at the top of the state tab (Basic-users who do not have access to VIP scripts can now toggle this to make the prop work again).
1.09.4905 Sept 23, 2020 Fixed an issue where legacy avatars had a hidden face.
1.09.4904 Sept 22, 2020

A huge UI theme overhaul, we have added a new color scheme to the UI. There are new logo’s, that should be better recognizable, and should feel more streamlined. We added orange a new highlight color. The new UI should be more colorblind friendly, however it has been proven difficult to really tackle all of them. Side menu-text should now be bigger and easier to read. For further information, see here .

  • New avatar-undressing icon that is a higher resolution;
  • Prop editor: Added new rotating object script;
  • Prop editor: Removed CW and CCW rotate scripts;
  • A whole array of new mouse cursors;
  • Updated loading bar color to match the new theme;
  • Prop editor: Overhauled the “Pass to linked prop” script and changed the name into Trigger Linked Script;
  • Prop editor: Automatic door opening, emitters, sprites, animated textures, music on approach, see “Trigger Linked Script” script;
  • Chromium functionality, [gender], [dimensionID], [domainID], [orient],[species], [voice], [muted], [membername];
  • Chromium [Memberid], [instanceid], [regionid];
  • New /slashcommands for chat ("FRIENDS", "INFO", "DIM", "CLOSET", "EXPLORE", "HOME", "MYPROFILE", "BROADCAST", "PROPERTY" - "PROPERTYMANAGER", "PE", "WTE", "SPM" - "STARTMANAGER", "MEASURE" - "MEASUREP", "LANDMARKS" - "BOOKMARKS", "STREAM", "QUIT" - "LOGOUT", "SETTINGS", "WHISPER" "QUERY" "MSG", "ZABY") example: /friends (typing again should close);
  • Broadcast window now has proper text showing “Broadcast type”;
  • Prop editor: Added switches (use with Trigger Linked Prop), with triggerable ON and OFF cursor;
  • Prop editor: Added new option to state tab “clickable trigger” (use with Trigger Linked Prop. to enable switches);
  • Removed yellow text from UI, changes mostly to white, still some things need to be updated;
  • Prop editor: Trigger Linked Script, now has a “Reversed Trigger” option;
  • TOS, terms in being.me video streaming is now readable;
  • Prop editor: Trigger Linked Script, now supports up to 4 propid’s, separate them by ; (semicolon);
  • Friends show up with a green hue chat color, automatically applies after you become friends;
  • Prop editor: Added Open Door Script;
  • Sound/Music no longer is lost when clicking URL, that open external web pages, it turns back on when your focus comes back to UV, when maintain sound is on;
  • Prop editor: Removed “Update” from Attach Web Browser (had no function);
  • Renamed “Edit Window” to “Quickbar Editor”;
  • Global Pause Music via switch;
  • Doors, emitters, and other scripts triggered are now visible to everyone in the region;
  • New PM/GROUP/LOCAL flashing should be better visible, when someone says something in a different channel then your current channel;
  • Fixed language free dim sounds;
  • Fixed a bunch of language issues with underscores and ugly text, with sex-animations and other animation menus;
  • New rotate props are also stoppable with clickable and trigger linked prop scripts;
  • Animated textures can now be hidden;
  • Animated Props, should now automatically start playing animations, when created.
  • Audible Sounds working;
  • Prop editor: Added On and Off switches via trigger linked script;
  • Music can be paused for individuals;
  • Prop editor: state tab added Activate on load, which will load the scripts to start when entering the instance;
  • Added close pe on typing /pe, closing wte on typing /wte;
  • Added /stream closable;
  • Prop editor: Online wav sounds, you can now linked .wav files from external sources;
  • Resized Settings Window Slightly, to allow text to fit the UI window better;
  • Sound files for add sound limited to max 120 seconds;
  • UI is now applied per brand;
  • Font and font size have moved to the interface tab;
  • Doors, Move within bound box, emitters, animated textures, play music, play sound and light scripts should now auto be enabled on "activate on load";
  • PID copy button added to the Prop Editor to copy Prop ID's;
  • Move within bound box script only enabled now if “no bsp collide” is checked in the state tab;
  • Chat history can be retrieved by pressing arrow up, up to 30 lines;
  • Move within bound box script now does something with speed jitter, it affects the rate at which objects turn;
  • Prop editor: Cached web image, collidable and hideable added;
  • Prop editor: Animated texture, collidable and hideable added;
  • Prop editor: Genderblock now has trans female and transmale block;
  • Added script weight for mouse cursors, so that the right cursor is applied when multiple scripts are present on a prop.
  • Added a trap door, trap door frame, door 2, door 3 with handle, trap door no hinge props for use with the new door scripts.
1.09.4837 July 10, 2019

A Chromium-based browser was introduced, replacing Internet Explorer as the backbone and embedded browser for Utherverse. Utherverse has a showroom that highlights all the changes this can be found at: utherverse.vww/@2568/@1528368#entree

  • Reduced latency and fps for Attach Web Browser scripts.
  • Added in the ability to display .gif images by hotlinking them.
  • Can now load HTML5 content, within browser windows.
  • Chromium runs on GPU.
  • Usable tags for HTML5 <video><audio>
  • Increased interaction distance for attach web browser script from 1000 to 5000.
  • Interaction distance scales with scale of browser window.
  • Disabled update setting for attach web browser script, toggling this will have no effect anymore.
  • New setting camera lock for attach web browser script - This will make it possible to zoom and interact with the browser.
  • New setting interactive for Attach Web Browser script - Toggle between static and interactive mode, interactive mode without camera lock will change the default behavior for interacting with your avatar movement. Hovering your mouse pointer will lock your avatar from movement and instead you can type and use the mouse pointer on the web browser. Hovering your mouse pointer besides the browser window will allow normal avatar controls again. Turning this setting of, will make the page static and unclickable.
  • VWW linking enabled - You can now create vww links and update these from html pages. Format: <a href="vww://utherverse.vww/trans">vww://utherverse.vww/trans</a>
  • Transparent Backgrounds with alpha layers.

Updated UI elements that use Chromium

  • Login Message, on Log In screen.
  • Announcements and Domain Info in explore.
  • Attach Web Browser scripts.
  • Hints.

Supported formats in Chromium

Audio: Video: Images:
.ogg (preferred audio format) .webm (preferred video format) .sgv
.mp3 .ogv .gif

Older update notes[]

Version Date Released Notes
1.09.4817 April 16, 2019
  • Quickbar fixes for dances. You can now drag icons from the action menus to your quickbar for the new dances recently added. And they will stick.
  • Fixed Attitude 1 animation for pole dancing, the 7 seconds wait duration is taken out.
  • All Club, Rave and Erotic dances have updated icons and new icons.
  • Poledance Icons have been updated with new icons.
  • Point Victor dance for females is now properly named Point Victory and now also displays an icon.
  • Male and Transgender Male added one new dance called Just Relax.
  • The emote for this new dance is /dance_modern48.
1.09.4804 February 19, 2019
  • New pole dancing animations previously available only to females in update 1.09.4802 are now available for Transgender Female avatars too.
  • Some rearranging of ordering of various dance animations, they are now alphabetically listed.
  • 20 New Dance Animations for Male and Transgender Male Avatars. These moves can be performed on the Dance and VIP dance floors.
  • 21 New Dance Animations for Female and Transgender Female Avatars. These moves can be performed on the Dance and VIP dance floors.
  • New emotes for these dances.
  • These dances all have new icons.
  • Female and Transgender Female Dances: (emotes are in bold text)
    • /dance_modern44 (Arm Loop)
    • /dance_modern35 (Dig Deep)
    • /dance_modern36 (Gather Push Out)
    • /dance_modern37 (Guitar Jam)
    • /dance_modern45 (Hippy Sweat)
    • /dance_modern46 (Its You)
    • /dance_modern38 (Jive Snaps)
    • /dance_modern39 (Just Relax)
    • /dance_modern47 (Oh No Snap)
    • /dance_modern40 (Point Victor)
    • /dance_modern32 (Pointy Hearts)
    • /dance_modern41 (Presents)
    • /dance_modern42 (Push Away)
    • /dance_modern43 (Razz Matazz)
    • /dance_modern50 (Running Man)
    • /dance_modern48 (Slow Smoothly)
    • /dance_modern33 (Snappy Loop)
    • /dance_modern49 (Sway Loops)
    • /dance_modern34 (Swaying)
    • /dance_modern30 (Tight Groove)
    • /dance_modern31 (Uhuh Head Shake)
  • Male and Transgender Male Dances: (emotes are in bold text)
    • /dance_modern32 (Arm Loop)
    • /dance_modern35 (Dig Deep)
    • /dance_modern38 (Gather Push Out)
    • /dance_modern36 (Guitar Jam)
    • /dance_modern41 (Hippy Sweat)
    • /dance_modern42 (Its You)
    • /dance_modern33 (Jive Snaps)
    • /dance_modern43 (Oh No Snap)
    • /dance_modern28 (Point Victory)
    • /dance_modern37 (Pointy Hearts)
    • /dance_modern29 (Presents)
    • /dance_modern30 (Push Away)
    • /dance_modern31 (Razz Matazz)
    • /dance_modern46 (Running Man)
    • /dance_modern44 (Slow Smoothly)
    • /dance_modern39 (Snappy Loop)
    • /dance_modern45 (Sway Loops)
    • /dance_modern40 (Swaying)
    • /dance_modern34 (Tight Groove)
    • /dance_modern47 (Uhuh Head Shake)

Note: New dances are only available without glowies, rave dances have NOT changed!

1.09.4802 December 10, 2018
  • New pole dancing animations available for female avatars. The new moves are:
    • attitude 1
    • attitude 2
    • attitude 3
    • back spin 1
    • back spin 2
    • diamond bracket 1
    • diamond bracket 2
    • goddess
    • ground grind
    • martini 1
    • martini 2
    • hip circles
    • pas de bouree
    • saunter around pole
    • vleg extension
  • Some rearranging of ordering of various animations.
  • With new icons for each new pole dance move.
  • New setting "Use Direct Mouse Input" (Please do not enable this, as it will disable your mouse!)
  • Disabled Pole Dance Pole mouse over icon for males

Upcoming updates[]

Version Date Released Patch Notes

Historical update notes[]

These notes have been stitched together from different sources, These might not be totally accurate and there maybe missing information.

Version PNotes
1.09.4793 Bug fix to disable saving clothes in the bot menu.
1.09.4745 Fixed issue with smoke and/or action menu lingering after user quits /Smoke animation.
1.09.4742 Fixed No alignment with sex animations.
1.09.4740 Released a new set of Transgender animations.
  • Fixes to the Explore window so the Directory and Events Tabs load properly.
  • Tips icon will now stick properly in the bottom right-hand corner of the client when client is re-sized.
  • Fix for avatars having to refresh to be seen after applying a layout.
  • Change to allow Transport pods to be configured to show different regions to exit to based on the Brand of the user account. This will only be seen for a few of our partner brands right now, but may be expanded to offer more flexibility on a user-to-user basis in the future.

There was a re-work of how Texture Detail functions. Previously, if you were to maximize your 3D World to full screen, textures would automatically re-size to the highest quality, which could cause some stability and/or loading issues. Now, Texture Detail is determined by your texture detail setting at all times. There is also a new ‘Ultra High’ setting added to Texture Detail, which will render things very sharp and crisp.

  • Medium will shrink textures down, to make things work more efficiently.
  • High will maintain the original size, and is the default setting.
  • Ultra high will always push everything up to the highest quality.
1.09.4708 Resolves the Quickbar disappearing
  • Fixes for crashing, loading, and hanging issues seen in the last week.
  • Blurry clothing fixes have been reverted, due to the fixes causing more problems than the original bug itself.
  • Few more fixes to the World closing down process, to smooth it out.
  • Crash fix for re-sizing your window while region changing.
  • Issues with invisible props and triggers have been fixed.
  • Smoother shutdown process on close.
  • More overall loading and freezing issues resolved.
  • Issues with disappearing avatars on region load, refresh, and exiting the closet have been resolved.
  • Fixes freezing problems when selecting Furry in the Closet.

This update is centered around an improved system for streamlining loading processes, and a lot of fixes for crashing and deadlocking issues across the board.

There has also been some fixes for blurry looking avatars in the Closet as well.

1.09.4573 No notes released
  • Streamlined loading processes, and fixes for crashing and deadlocking issues.
  • Fixes issues with not being able to see avatars on region load/F5.
1.09.4470 Resolves a lot of common crash bugs seen when loading into regions, and also includes some improvements for loading avatars.
  • Fix for crashing when coming out of the closet.
  • Fixes for other crashes related to changing regions.
1.09.4449 Fixes for grey avatars on load, and display issues while in closet.
  • Issue fixed where avatar would stay grey until closet entry and exit has been resolved.
  • Resolved a problem with Saved Outfits not loading in closet preview, and just displaying default avatar.
  • Fixes for issues with seeing avatar in closet, and crashing coming out of closet.
  • Addresses crashing issues.
  • Also, the inadvertent change to restrict login to just email on the Social Center has been corrected, and usernames can login once again.
  • Fixes for animation issues when entering a region where an animation is already engaged.
  • Crash fixes.
1.09.4435 Resolve a major crash bug that was noted over the holidays.

This update resolves issues and crashes seen when loading avatars.

1.09.4432 Fixes some crashing issues.
  • Improves stuck on grey issue noted after last week’s update, where an avatar would never move beyond the initial grey, default avatar, and load their actual appearance.
  • Improvements to Stability and Loading.
1.09.4430 Fixes for avatar's getting stuck on grey, and also improvements to stability and loading.

Fixes some problems with remaining grey for a long time after loading into an area.

1.09.4422 Resolves 'Size Change' crash issues
  • New feature to load default avatars. You will no longer have to wait for an avatar’s appearance to fully load to see them. Other avatars will now appear with grey, default textures, and load their actual clothing from that point, instead of being invisible, and loading clothes from there. A nice side benefit of this feature is that it helps with the F5 bug, where an avatar doesn't fully load, causing you to refresh the region a few times to see them. Now, you will be able to see them, and it also helps us narrow down the avatar loading issues from a Support/Development standpoint, to hopefully fix that problem overall.
  • Also, there is a DirectX update included with this update. This is something that many large MMO-style worlds deliver with their software, and should have been included in the update cycle for a while, but was not up until this point. The DirectX update should help a few longstanding bugs with loading resources properly, and improve the overall 3D World experience.
1.09.4404 No notes released
1.09.4389 No notes released
1.09.4388 Resolve more crashing issues.
1.09.4382 Resolve more crashing issues.
1.09.4374 Crash fixes
1.09.4373 More crash fixes.
1.09.4370 There are more crash fixes in this update, plus some additional fixes to resolve issues found on the Production 3D World yesterday.
1.09.4357 More crash fixes.
1.09.4356 More crash fixes.
1.09.4352 Addresses more crashing problems
1.09.4351 More crash updates that should address a lot more issues.
1.09.4350 Resolve crash bug
1.09.4349 More crash fixes.
1.09.4347 Rolled back to 4345
1.09.4345 More crash fixes
1.09.4338 Issues with Prop/Bot states reverting to idle have been resolved.
  • Fix for a prop and avatar loading deadlock that could cause crashing issues on region loading.
  • Options added for easier creation of group chat channels. Options can be found under the word bubble icon on the chat window.
1.09.4323 Fixes issues with Being.Me Recording crashes.
  • Issues with avatar doubling and clothing changes not showing when exiting the closet should be resolved.
  • Very small chance of the auto Being.Me Private Message warning showing in local chat has been resolved.
  • Being.Me recording are now in mp4 format instead of FLV.
1.09.4264 If you applied an outfit, saved, and applied the same outfit again, your avatar might not load properly.
  • Prop Editor fix - if you reverted during editing, the prop would disappear from Prop list.
  • Preview clothing functionality is now immediate, no more #Clothing System Preview# usage necessary
  • Applying clothing from the Social Center will now automatically update your avatar in the World. No more #CLOTHING SYSTEM# usage necessary. The Preview function still requires this, but we are working on extending that as well in the coming weeks.
  • Fixes for Prop searching in Prop Editor.
1.09.4229 Fixes doubled clothing when swapping between Legacy/New Style avatars.
1.09.4218 It fixes the Prop Editor issues with clicking on props.
  • Fix for VOIP window. Options were doubling.
  • Fix for Right click precision in the search list.
  • Remove Pants option in closet for Legacy females.
  • F3 will now highlight, and un-highlight the address in the address bar. (Or a different key if you have custom mapping).
  • Fix for Custom Bots using custom skins.
  • Sound issue for Windows 7 users has been resolved. Moving from region to region would reset the volume settings occasionally.
1.09.4214 No notes released
1.09.4174 No notes released
1.09.4161 No notes released
1.09.4154 More fixes for disappearing avatar/F5 issues.
  • A series of fixes that should resolve 80-90% of the avatar not appearing/F5 issues currently seen in the world. We are still working on a few more fixes in QA that should help the more rare cases. This update was issued to fix most of the issues with avatars, while we continue work on QA to resolve the rest.
  • Fix for lighting not showing properly on props that used Flash.
1.09. 4130 Some tweaks to the Clear Region function
  • Issues with the 3D World not reconnecting properly after a small disruption in internet connection have been resolved.
  • New animations for Transgenders.
  • Prop editor fixes relating to closing the PE when lots of props are locked.
  • Issues with loading multiple animated textures have been resolved.
  • Fixes for memory leak and crashing issues related to region changing while involved in an interaction with another user.
  • Problem with the /PM command not respecting the Ignore list has been fixed.
  • In a property you license, there is an option in the down arrow menu to 'Clear Region'.
1.09.4104 Some new animations
1.09.4101 Fix to some Prop Edit issues
1.09.4068 Some freezing fixes for bull-riding, sprite fixes, & changing hair issues on new style avatars
1.09.4044 Fixes for Move To scripts, Emitters, Ignore List, and New Animations!
1.09.4036 New animations/fixes, and a fix for dance animations stopping if you receive a hand hold request
1.09.4031 Some new animations, fix for clicking on a Move To script from a distance, and fix for list scrolling!
Social Center Catalog introduced
Unknown Version Rock-Paper-Scissors is now LIVE! If you are a VIP, you will find the option when you right-click another user.
1.09.4018 New animations, and some changes to Dimensions
1.09.4013 New animations, including Rock/Paper/Scissors.
1.09.3951 Fix the last of the Prop Editor scrolling issues
1.09.3949 Fixes scroll issues on Prop Editor.
1.09.3948 Fixes for text cutting off issues
1.09.3944 Private Message fixes,
1.09.3941 Fixes Private Message issues

New interface for using Group Chat. Hit the Voice Bubble on your Chat window to launch.

Fix issues with speedchat
  • fixes skirt/glowie
  • some layering issues on new avatar torsos
  • and

Fixes for Passwords in Group Chat, Crash fixes, and and some resource delivery streamlining

1.09.3887 Fixes for a few crash bugs
1.09.3880 Fixes whiteness issues with body parts, and prop deleting problems.
1.09.3868 Fixes: Avatar attachments not showing, cache images resizing.
1.09.3857 Fixes for loading times involving Avatars and images.
1.09.3852 Loading issues involving avatars and images within regions.


Fixes issues with our Mac version, no changes for PC version
1.09.3832 Fixes a lot of slowness/freezing/crashing issues
1.09.3828 Fix right clicking issue.
1.09.3827 Fixes some Prop Editor issues remaining after last update.
1.09.3826 Resolves a lot of issues with scripts and prop editor
1.09.3799 Fixes for Prop Editor crashes, Clickable URLs, and speed chat has been restored .


Resolve issues and optimize the new resource delivery system
1.09.3771 Huge resource loading improvements.
1.09.3768 Updates to progress bar, texture loading speeds, and a fix for the suntan animation.

Emitter and Sprites work properly again, also fixes for animated textures, and stability improvements

1.09.3717 Lots of loading improvements.
  • New options for timestamping your chat in your local time, improvements for avatar loading speeds...
  • Fixes for animated prop issues, crash fixes, and lots of other improvements for loading and lag....
  • Copy chat messages! Right click on a message sent in General Chat or PM, and you will have a Copy option
  • RenderPriority is added in the statetab.
  • Issues with saving Settings have been resolved.
  • Prop Scripts sort alphabetically now.
  • Fix for Bot props.
  • New lighting tools added to allow you to control lighting within a trigger box, instead of just inside an area.
  • Brackets no longer appear around names in chat.
  • Issue with freezing while Juggling has been resolved.
  • Other users will not be shown when you are engaged in an interactive window (Casino games, etc)
  • There is a new "Initializing" window upon launch of the 3D World.
  • A fix for how Avatars are rendered should improve lag and crashing issues dramatically.


  • Voice Chat is active once again!
  • Issues with World Texture Editor not functioning properly should be resolved.
  • Further fixes for Script Error issues entering properties.
  • Issues with scripts/images not loading on props randomly should be fixed.
  • Changes to the way resources load should ensure all avatars in a given area load when you enter that area.
  • 1st person view will allow you to look left and right, not just up and down.


  • Massage Animations are now live!
  • Voice Chat has been disabled for further testing.
  • Issues with Invisible Props should be resolved.
  • A major Lag bug has been found and fixed.
  • Voice Chat is activated once again!
  • Issues with Script Errors should be resolved.
  • Issues with selecting a prop for editing (especially sprites) have been resolved.
  • Problems with Script Errors in Zaby's and other properties have been fixed.
  • Any issues with Prop Flickering should be completely resolved now.
  • Problems with No Available Channels in Voice Chat have been fixed.
  • Problems with props turning invisible have been resolved.
  • Issues with VWW Transport Doors not being clickable have been fixed.
  • The Home button on the address bar is now clickable.
1.09.1686 "Plugins" tab is still in prop edit, no longer shows a message that it's trying to get them during loading
  • socialcentre search
  • Set AFK option in settings added
  • Holding hands, added
  • Pole dancing options added, not animated yet
  • VOIP feature added
  • Landmarks feature introduced


This update fixes all of the show-stopper bugs as far as I can tell!

Bug fixes

  • Options are now saved
  • Friends' logon and logoff messages are corrected
  • Region Change by "Go There" functions correctly
  • Private areas mostly corrected
  • And several other minor bugs.

Known Bugs

  • Some textures only display at their Medium resolution, not High resolution
  • Some areas don't play music that should
  • Speedchat issue have not been resolved

Welcome to the Utherverse Client V1.3.24273 in the second instalment in our QA testing series. We've fixed many of the most annoying issues people have been experiencing over the weekend and will be continuing to address the remaining known issues as the week goes on. Thank you all for your participation in our beta testing period!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed client crash and boot to logon screen with "Package Checksum Mismatch" error message
  • Fixed private chat messages appearing in the public chat tab
  • Logon screen now resizes properly when you resize/maximize the utherverse client window
  • Avatar no longer flails about as though talking on initial login or region change
  • Occasionally after login keyboard input is not processed properly until you switch away from the Utherverse client app and back again. The effect of this is that you cannot chat or sometimes cannot move until you have done this. This behavior has been fixed.
  • Several regions were coming up empty (missing props). Some artwork was missing from the last update. This should be fixed now.

Known Issues

  • Invite to perform an action with another user is not working properly (i.e. kiss, hug)
  • Friends list functionality is not fully implemented
  • Some avatars are showing up with basic screen name color even though they are VIP
  • Some avatars, on first login, are missing some clothing items until changes are applied to their appearance.
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