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The Trigger Box 01 prop is one of the most versatile and important props to trigger animations. This prop is totally invisible and cannot be seen outside of decorating mode. Therefore you can only select these one you have the Prop Editor open.

Because of its invisibility it can be difficult to find this prop, the best way to do so is look in the Prop Editor List.

The actual area of the Trigger Box is not determined by the Trigger Box 01 dimensions in the green, but rather it's collidable dimensions. This is important to understand as when you enlarge the Trigger Box 01 the collidable area does not scale equally and therefore might cover more then the intended area you set it to.


Trigger boxes are often used to create bots.


To create a dancefloor that allows avatars to dance, a Trigger Box 01 is used over an area.

  1. Create and place a Trigger Box_01 prop flush with the floor. A height of 1 Y should be sufficient to cover a dance floor area, however if you like to have the dance persist even when avatars jump you need to increase the height.
  2. Select one of the Dance scripts:
    • Dance
    • Dance Country
    • Dance Erotic
    • VIP Dance
  3. Go to the State tab:
    • Set Collidable to Off to allows avatars to walk through the trigger.
    • Set Trigger to On.

Triggers and teleports[]


This allow for automatic teleportation once an avatar enters this area. In order to use these triggers it must be used with the prop Trigger Box_01. Once an avatar enters a trigger they are automatically teleported to the specified location. This can be a different property or movement to different location within the same property.

  1. Create a Trigger Box_01 prop.
  2. Select one of the Move To scripts:
    • Move To Location
    • Move To Owned Start Point
    • Move To Start Region
    • Move To VWW URL (Unavailable to decorators who are Basic-Users.)
    • Move To Welcome Region
  3. Go to the State tab:
    • Set Collidable to Off to allows avatars to walk through the trigger.
    • Set Trigger to On.

Once this is set any avatars walking through this are teleported to the specified location.

Setting up a automatic teleport on the default Startpoint[]

You can setup a trigger on the area where avatars enter the property. This can be beneficial to automatically move them to another location or even another property. There are a few caveats to watch out for when doing this.

  • Make sure you setup a backup Startpoint. This way you can still enter the property in order to reset the trigger.
  • When transferring a property to another player, the trigger will be setup as is. If the script Move To Owned Startpoint or Move To VWW URL is setup. This will still teleport those players to the places setup by the script. This can cause people to be teleported out of the intended property.
  • Startpoints are not transferred to other properties even when applying the same layout to another of your own properties. This means if there is a teleport setup you will be unable to move to the backup Startpoint.
  • Best it is always to use Move To Location script with the Trigger state. This allows transfer of properties without causing anyone to be unable to enter.


Currently, there is a maximum area where Trigger state will work. When scaling the prop the Trigger Box only scales to a maximum of 4 X and 5 Z or visa versa. Scaling Y is best to be left at 1.

It's best to leave the trigger box size to 1 X x 1 Y x 1 Z, as that some areas within this box when an avatar falls will have holes when scaling, meaning they will still pass through it and not trigger the relocation by the script.

Another bug that might happen deals with the avatar falling speed. Even though this trigger is setup or correctly when an avatar falls from great high they might fall through the script and not trigger this.

People can still hover their mouse when in range of the trigger to click on it this will also teleport them to the specified location.

Lighting areas and lighting[]

Trigger Boxes can be used to add lighting to a property.

Pass Linked Props[]


Sometimes certain decorators use trigger boxes to put emitters on, this can be done, however it's better to use another random prop that you have not used within the property for an emitter. This makes it easier to track this prop and make adjustments to it later, it is also be visible while changing and modifying the emitter until the decorator turns the prop invisible.

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