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Technical Support is here to help you with any issues regarding running Utherverse. This can be on in the game, the connection to the game, or social center. You can reach tech support, via email, ticket, live chat and often in game.

Tech Support: Help Articles[]

Support Topic Short Description
Installation How to install & reinstall Utherverse game client.
AMD Driver Issues This is specific to AMD black flashes and tearing.
Clear Utherverse Cache
Firewall How to open your firewall to allow you to login.
Resetting Avatar Resetting your avatar when your clothing is stuck.
Connection Help with establishing a connection to Utherverse.
XML XML errors
Software Out of Date SWOOD errors.
Lost Password How to recover a lost password.
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AMD Driver Issues - Utherverse Cache - Firewall - Installation - Minimum Requirements - Patch Notes - Permissions - Resetting Avatar - Settings - Startpoints