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Swagbags are gifts items from the Utherverse and its users. People can donate items and they can be claimed during time periods in the year.

Loyalty Gifts depend your account creation date; the older your account is the more gifts will be waiting for you in the Loyalty Gift Swagbags. You will also be notified by email when new loyalty gifts are available to you.

Other seasonal swagbags appear usually throughout the year, during spring, summer, Halloween or Christmas. These are usually themed as their names indicate. There is usually an update when these are up on the forums.

Here is the swagbag address: http://swagbags.utherverse.com/ (note the URL is http: not https - no s).

Member is not a VWW owner[]

The error message member is not a VWW owner is shown if you have not created a world. Once you have a world you can claim this property or layout. Though you might still need to purchase the correct template in order to apply the layout to it.

Swagbags and free property[]

Swagbags often present free properties that can be claimed. It is important to understand before claiming these that you exhaust your other free property options. As it will be impossible to claim some free property options otherwise.

Swagbag Manager[]

Use the Swagbag Manager if you would like to upload items to the swagbag. You can upload of gift a variety of types.

Types of Items
Web Link
Real World Item
VWW Link
Virtual Property Layout

Rays ®

Loyalty gifts[]

The loyalty bag contains a mix of Utherverse donated items as well as items donated by creative users. To highlight what items are giving out specifically by Utherverse see the table below.

Account Age Official Perks
Year 0 Clothing - Fledgling Wings
Web Link - Getting Started
Clothing - RedLightCenter Backpack
Year 1 Clothing - Paper Anniversary Wings
Web Link - Profile Certificate: 1 Year
Membership - 50 Free Credits (RedLightPOV.com)
Year 2 Clothing - Cotton Anniversary Wings
Clothing - Mesh Back Dress - TF
Web Link - Profile certificate: Two Years
Year 3 Clothing - Leather Anniversary Wings
Web Link - Profile Certificate: Three Years
Year 4 Clothing - Silk Anniversary Wings
Web Link - Profile Certificate: Four Years
Year 5 Property - Small Club 7 Vacant

Clothing - Wood Anniversary Wings
Web Link - Profile Certificate: Five Years

Year 6 Clothing - Iron Anniversary Wings
Coupon - Poof!
Property - Medium Club 2
Web Link - Profile Certificate: Six Years
Year 7 Property - UV: Utherverse Virtual Office (a replica of the old head office)

Clothing - Wool Anniversary Wings
Web Link - Profile Certificate: Seven Years

Year 8 Property - The Rose

Clothing - Bronze Anniversary Wings
Coupon - Free In-World Ad - 1 week
Web Link - Profile certificate: Eight Years

Year 9 Clothing - Pottery Anniversary Wings
Coupon - Free Spectacular Property
Web Link - Profile Certificate: Nine years
Year 10

Clothing - Tin Anniversary Wings
Coupon - FREE Advertising - 3 months
Coupon - FREE RENT - 6 months
Property - UV: Cathouse
Property - Vokra Lobby
Web Link - Profile Certificate - Ten Years!
Clothing - RLC 10 Year Anniversary Outfits - NS Male & Female

Year 11 Property - UV: Blu's Club
Web Link - Eleven Year Loyalty Certificate
Year 12 Property - UV: Sun and Moon Baths
Web Link - Twelve Year Loyalty Certificate
Year 13 Property - UV: Bareback Bordello
Web Link - Thirteen Year Loyalty Certificate
Year 14 Property - UV: Night Candy UV
Web Link - Fourteen Year Loyalty Certificate
Year 15 Property - Booballey
Web Link - Fifteen Year Loyalty Certificate
Year 16 Property - Rude Zaby Waterfront
Web Link - Sixteen Year Loyalty Certificate
Year 17 Property - Casino Hotel Lobby
Web Link - Seventeen Year Loyalty Certificate

Loyalty certificates[]

Certificate 1year

In the loyalty swagbag are loyalty certificates. To add these to your profile embed them as a html image tag. For example, Click the Profile tab on your Social Center, Click the Personality sub-tab, Copy the following code:

<img src="http://repository.redlightcenter.com/repository/textures/vwwbusiness/gifts/oneyearAx610.png" alt="Loyalty Certificate">

Paste it into one of the boxes - whichever one you want the certificate to show up in then click Save your changes. If the certificate is too big (or small) when you visit your profile, you can adjust the height and width by using this code instead, and changing the numbers I've added in red:

<img src="http://repository.redlightcenter.com/repository/textures/vwwbusiness/gifts/oneyearAx610.png" height="381" width="610" alt="Loyalty Certificate">

Seasonal and event swagbags[]

Below is an overview of all the past swagbags Utherverse has offered to their users. Click the PDF link see a list of what was included in the swagbag.

Swagbag File
2014 Cinco de Mayo Piñata! PDF
2014 VIP Appreciation Egg Hunt PDF
2014 Holiday Gifts PDF
2014 The Most Sexy Event PDF
2014 Naughty Puzzles PDF
2014 Staff & Volunteers PDF
2014 UA Spring Break PDF
2014 VirtualCon
(Inc. Med Club 3 and Basic Zaby Layout 2 /w Kitchen V2)
2014 Happy Holidays
(Inc. UV: The Winter Workshop)
2015 Egg Hunt
(inc. Basic Zaby Layout 2 /w Kitchen V2)
2015 Happy Holidays
(Inc. WPG Arcade, Rude Zaby Luxury and UV: The Winter Workshop)
2016 Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring
(Inc. Country House Zaby V3)
2016 Summer Swag PDF
2017 Castaway Island Housewarming PDF
2017 Sunny Swagbag
(Inc. Small Park Vacant)
2017 Winter Wonderbag
(Inc. Large Property 13)
2018 Spring Swag
(Inc. Medium Park Vacant)
2018 Sizzlin Swag
(Inc. Rude Courtyard and Virtual World Street)
2018 Holly Jolly Gift Bag
(Inc. The Hall)
2019 Spring Has Sprung
(Inc. Pool Room)
2019 Sweet Treats
(Inc. Yacht Vacant)
2019 Spooky Swag
(Inc. Loft Bedroom)
2019 Very Merry Giftbag
(Inc. Rude Zaby Luxury and Medium Club 2 Vacant)
2020 Spring Is Sprung
(Inc. Great Hall)
2020 Sunny Swag
(Inc. Resort Cabin)
2020 Spooky Swag
(Inc. Tits)
2020 Winter Cheer
(Inc. Winter Workshop)
2021 It's Spring
(Inc. Rude Zaby Luxury)
2021 VirtualCon 2021
(Inc. The Mansion)
2021 Hot Heat Cool Treats
(Inc. Blank Beach)
2021 Trick or Treat
(Inc. Water Foundation Large)
2021 Giftmas
(Inc. Large Park Vacant)
2022 Spring
(Inc. Basic Park Vacant)
2022 VirtualCon 2022
(Inc. Aquaroom)
2022 Summer Treats
(Inc. Resort Cabin)
2022 Spooky Swag
(Inc. Medium Club 3 Vacant #403)
2022 Winter Wonderbag
(Inc. Medium Property 4 Vacant #426)
2023 Bloomin' Booty
(Inc. Large Property 15 Vacant)
2023 Tropical Treats
(Inc. Fuck Hut Interior #1235)
2023 Spooky Swag
(Inc. Zen Gardens (#549))
2023 Virtual Convention 2023
(Inc. Vegas Resort)
2023 Winter Wonderbag
(Inc. Large Property 12 Vacant #443)
2024 Gift Garden
(Inc. Medium Club 5 Vacant #407)
2024 Pirate Plunder
(Inc. Park Lake #1024)
Donations. Open until July 31
2024 Ghoulish Goodies
(Inc. TBA)
Donations Sept 19. Gifts Oct 1 - Oct 31
2024 Santa's Sack
(Inc. TBA)
Donations 21 Nov. Gifts Dec 2 - Jan 7 2025
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