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Sprites are highly optimized textures and animated textures for Utherverse. They are optimized to use the minimum amount of resources and generally are understood to cause little to no load on users computers. However, due to the limited amount of them created, there is only a small selection of them available to decorators. And even within the lists of sprites there is only a few regularly used. There is also a lot of ways to manipulate and show sprites within the State tab of the Prop Editor.

Animated sprite textures[]

Animated sprite names
award_animated_panel.spr kali.spr sign_ivegas.spr
Blink.spr kali2.spr sign_ivegas2.spr
BonetownStore1.spr misc_animatedwin1.spr sign_neon_twinkles1.spr
BonetownStore2.spr misc_animatedwin1a.spr sign_palacemarquee.spr
BonetownStore3.spr misc_animatedwin2a.spr sign_palacemarqueesign1.spr
BonetownStore4.spr misc_animatedwin3.spr sign_palacemarqueesign2.spr
BonetownStore5.spr misc_animatedwin4a.spr sign_passionclubexterior.spr
Fire.spr misc_fishtanksurfacewater1.spr sign_passionmarqueelite.spr
asias_neon.spr misc_laser01.spr sign_progressive_casino.spr
blue_fire.spr misc_light004.spr sign_rlcpresents.spr
bordellosignlights.spr misc_T9Fbot1.spr sign_vid_comingsoon.spr
cadillac.spr misc_T9Fbot2.spr sign_vipmarquee.spr
clubit_waterfall.spr misc_T9Fbot5a.spr skytube01.spr
dance10.spr misc_T9Mbot2a.spr slot_machine.spr
dance13.spr neon0.spr spiral.spr
dance3.spr neon1.spr spacestrobe01.spr
dance6.spr padray01.spr trans01pad01.spr
dance7.spr padray02.spr trans01tourscreen.spr
dance9.spr rlc_lightbulb.spr video_blackjack.spr
dog2.spr runwaylite01.spr video_poker.spr
dr_50stv_dr.spr sign_casino_car.spr video_roulette.spr
dr_dance01a.spr sign_casino_million.spr water_light.spr
dr_dance02a.spr sign_casino_this.spr water_waves.spr
eyeglow1.spr sign_casino_win.spr waterfall1.spr
flasher.spr sign_century1.spr waterfall1_ripple.spr
magic_shrooms.spr sign_century3.spr waterfall1_splash.spr
globe1.spr sign_cityclub.spr wll_passionclubinterior.spr
godzilla_neon.spr sign_girlsx3.spr

Static sprite textures[]

  • 4tile1_Dallas.jpg
  • AsphaltCrossing.jpg
  • BOR_WH~2.JPG
  • BassNoteEight.png
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