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Click the My Home Social Center button to open your Home tab, then click the Settings tab.

Use this tab to change preferences and settings for your profile and Social Center including messages and blog preference

The most commonly made mistake when it comes to settings is the visibility of your profile. Often your will encounter profiles that display an error:

The path '//404NotFound.aspx?err=disabled' you requested could not be found.

This usually means they have set one or more of their privacy settings to not be viewed on the social center you are watching their profile or your own. Look at the brand or social center website you are browsing and enable the correct privacy preferences so the profile will be once again visible. Also if disable profile has been enabled in the general preferences the same error will be displayed on the profile.

Your Settings tab comprises a set of three sub-tabs:

  • General
  • Email Preferences
  • Bulletin Settings

These sub-tabs are described below.


Here you can change your profile preferences.

General Preferences
Disable Profile
Only my friends can see my profile
Hide my friendslist
Hide my online status
I'm not interested in friends requests
Let others see my net worth (rays)
Let others see my Points
Content Preferences
Unrated Content
(XXX) Hard-Core
(X) Simulated sex acts
(R2) Genetal Closeup, hardcore nude
(R1) Full nudity
(M) Topless (partial nudity), strong language
(PG) Bikini (some skin), adult themes (non-nude)
(G) Family Friendly
Blog Preferences
Disable Blog
Only friends can see my blog
Ratings Preferences
I don't want my profile rated
I don't want my blog rated
I don't want my pictures rated
Privacy Preferences
Adult Hardcore (Redlightcenter, Rude, LokiLand)
Adult Mature (Utherverse)
Non-Adult (Virtual Vancouver)
This site

Email Preferences[]


Bulletin Settings[]


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