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Scripts are used in the Prop Editor to enable props to perform certain functions. A lot of scripts are used in conjunction with a Trigger Box_01, such as dance scripts, lighting scripts, custom bots and move to scripts . The most commonly used script is the Cache Web Image.

On this page you can find a short overview of all the scripts and what they do. If you want to have specifics you can go to the individual pages for each script. If there is no individual page the short description is all that is required to get all the information about that specific script.

The visibility of scripts is not dependent on your own account status, but that of the property owner. Therefore if you are a basic member and are located in a property that the owner is VIP, and they gave you access to decorating rights, then you should see all the VIP scripts. However, if you are a licensed UV Business or Licenced Decorator (paid license), you can bypass this restriction.

Lastly you can visit the special props page to find props that are associated with a specific script.

Script Name Role Required Short Description
Animated Texture VIP This allows you to add an animated texture to the prop. Most of the times these textures belong to a specific prop, but you can also apply them to other props, for interesting or weird effects.
Audio Add Sound VIP This allows you to play local aswell as .wav files hosted online.
Audio Play Music VIP This script can be applied to any object in your property to play a music stream. Enter the URL of the music stream in the relating box. The Version box can be left empty. You can find a list of free radio stations here: Radio Stations. There are many more free music streams, just ask around or search in the Utherverse Forum .
Being Me Basic Being.me is a streaming service that allows what you are seeing to be broadcasted to the being.me website. The script allows you to show this stream in game.
Create Custom Bot



Licensed Decorator

Bots are non-playable avatars, that can be used to make it look like there are more people in a property then there actually are. They can also be interacted with like normal avatars, as you can invite them to massage, dance and sex. The latter requires a naked bot and a suitable nearby prop.
Cached Clickable Web Image VIP This script combines the Cached Web Image, with the Attach Clickable URL script mentioned above.
Cached Web Image Basic This is the in general the best starting script for new users and most likely the most used script within the whole of Utherverse. This allows you to change the texture of a prop by the image you are hosting somewhere such as UtherBucket. You have to input the direct URL to the image location.
Chair 1 Basic A simple way to allow sitting on standard chair props (e.g. Hotel Chair). It only works properly with the default size. The value for Forward Offset depends on the type of chair (e.g. 160 - 180).
Chair 2 Basic This works like the Chair 1 Seat script and can be used for e.g. a standard size sofa prop. In addition to the Forward Offset value there is the one for Seat Offset, which defines the space between the two seats. 150 is a good value to start with testing.
Chair Beer VIP Allows you to sit at a table and actively drink beer when applied to a standard size chair prop. 180 - 200 is a good value to start with for Vertical Offset.
Clock Face VIP This script provides a round scalable clock face with hour and minute hands that display the time set on the viewer's computer.
Dance Basic This is used to create a dance floor with the modern dances available. This kind of dance floor optionally becomes a rave dancing floor for VIPs who have picked up a glowie (usually from a pill tray prop armed with the Eat Pill script). The individual dances that are available are listed on the Emotes page.
Dance Country VIP This is used to create a dance floor with the county dances available. The individual dances that are available are listed on the Emotes page.
Dance Erotic VIP This is used to create an dance floor with the erotic dances available. The individual dances that are available are listed on the Emotes page.
Dance Lap VIP This script is a bit tricky and you best apply it to the Seat Panel prop that you place on the ground in front of any chair or other suitable prop to sit on. Use the XYZ Offset values to fine tune the position of the protagonists.
Dance Pole VIP You need a pole dance pole to setup this script. They can only be used by female and transgender female avatars to perform specific pole dance moves.
Dance VIP Only VIP This is used to create a VIP only dance floor.
Diving Board Object VIP This script can be used in combination with the Diving Board prop.
Door Object VIP This script allows you to animate props in different directions and rotations. It is mostly used for doors but there are other neat things that can be achieved with this script.
Door Rotate Open No longer available This allowed a Door prop to rotate 90° when clicked. It could be either to the left or right and would close automatically after a short time once fully open. This script has been replaced by the Door Object script.
Eat Mushroom VIP This script can be applied to e.g. the Plate of Mushrooms prop or many others. -130 is a good value to start with for Forward Offset.
Eat Pill VIP Same as the other Eat scripts and frequently applied to the Pill/Serving Tray prop. After eating the pill, the Glowies will be active when you go on a dance floor.
Eat Snack VIP Same as the other Eat scripts. Can be applied to e.g. the Empty Plate prop or many others.
Emitter VIP This allows you to add an Emitter, which is a repeat texture that spawns and dissapears within a specific zone. The most optimal prop to use with this script is a Trigger Box_01.
Flash Control VIP No longer used.
Flash Control Copy VIP No longer used.
Gender Blocker VIP This script blocks a specific gender from passing through a collidable prop. This has to be used in conjunction with the Pass To Linked Prop script, found below.
Light Area Basic This is used to create a light area on a trigger box_01 and will change how lighting looks in your property.
Light Area (Extended) VIP This is used to extend light areas setup with the create light area script above.
Light Source VIP This is a method to create a single light source within a the create light area you have setup. Currently there is a maximum of 8 light sources you can add to a single light area.
Light Strobe Basic This script can be applied to any prop. It creates a strobe light effect switching between bright and dark on most objects and any Avatar present in a Zaby or other property. The Flash Time can be adjusted.
Light Strobe Color Basic Same as the Strobe Light script but switching between random colors.
Move to Location Basic This is used to move within the current property.
Move To Owned Start Point Basic This is used to port to another property that you own.
Move To Start Region Basic This ports to your own transport or RLC/UV transport if you do not have your own. Note that if you have a custom transport and rent is due, you are forwarded to the public RLC/UV transport.
Move To VWW URL VIP This is used when porting to a specific URL of a property owned by someone else.
Move To Welcome Region Basic This ports to the RLC Welcome Center.
Move Within Bounded Box VIP This is a very versatile script that allows you to make any object move around (e.g. animals, cars or even a helicopter). The key parameters are the XYZ axis, Speed and Turn rate. The values for XYZ should be 500 minimum, the bigger the better. However, you can also limit movements to one axis only by leaving the values for the two others at 0.
Pickup Object VIP The Pickup Object script is used to have the avatar pickup a specific prop mesh, and play an animation with that.
Play Drums VIP This script works nicely with the Drum Set Medium and Drum Set Large props, but not that well with the Drum Set Small.
Rotate Object Basic This script makes it possible for props to animate and rotate on any or all of 3 axes in the form of Roll, Yaw and Pitch (X, Y, Z).
Rotate Object CCW No longer available Makes an object rotate counter-clockwise. The rotation speed can be adjusted. (No longer available.)
Rotate Object CW No longer available Makes an object rotate clockwise. The rotation speed can be adjusted. (No longer available.)
Scale Object Basic Use this script to scale up or down the prop it is attached to.
Sex Sequence Bondage Bed VIP Works well with the Dungeon Bed prop but can also be applied to any other bed etc.
Sex Sequence Bondage Cross VIP And this one with the Dungeon X Cross prop.
Sex Sequence Massage VIP This can be applied to any of the bed props or other suitable horizontal object. Use XYZ Offset as described here above.
Sex Sequence Standard Sex  VIP Same as above, good for any bed etc. Use XYZ Offset for fine tuning.
Sex Sequence Suspended Bondage VIP This script goes well with the Rope prop.
Smoke Hookah VIP Allows to actively smoke the Hookah prop. -165 is a good value for Offset to start with.
Sprite VIP This script can be applied to any prop to create special effects. You can find a comprehensive list of the available sprites here: Sprites. Play with the XYZ and Scale values to achieve the desired effect.
Sprite Animated VIP This script has bugs, do not use.
Sprite Candle VIP This script does not seem to work. To light a single candle you can use the Attach Animated Sprite script instead with the following values: Sprite fire.spr, X Offset 0, Z Offset 0. The Y Offset value depends on the size of the candle and on the value chosen for Scale. E.g. for the Candle3 prop a Y Offset 60 and Scale 8.00 look good.
Trigger Linked Script VIP This script is to be used in combination with the Gender Blocker or the Open VIP Rope scripts. Apply it to a Trigger Box_01 and enter the prop number of the Gender Blocker or VIP Rope in the Target Prop ID box. Place the Trigger Box_01 around the collidable prop and tick Trigger in the State tab.
URL Auto Update Prop VIP This script has bugs, do not use.
URL Clickable VIP This gives you the option to attach a website URL and it will open this when someone clicks your prop this is attached to. Similar to the Cached Clickable Web Image script, except that you do not add a texture to the prop. This can also be used for invisible props.
URL Rotate CW VIP Do not use this script, use Rotate Object instead.
VIP Rope 1 VIP Apply this script to a VIP Rope prop and make it collidable. Then combine it with a Trigger Box_01 prop with the Trigger Linked Script script.
VIP Rope 2 VIP Apply this script to a VIP Rope prop and make it collidable. Then combine it with a Trigger Box_01 prop with the Trigger Linked Script script.
Web Browser (Chromium) VIP This basically adds a small internet browser to a Sign_01. This can be highly resource intensive, and can cause a lot of lag to properties. It is generally understood to not add these, or add only one maximum. This also severely limits the number of props you can add to a property.
Web Browser Pop Up (Chromium) VIP This is similar to the Web Browser script but creates the browser in a User Interface window that can be closed by the user. This script can be attached to any prop, and clicking the prop will pop-up this web browser.
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