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Rays also noted as ® are a virtual form of currency used in Utherverse, and used for transactions between users for services. There is the ability to purchase Rays directly from Utherverse with your credit card. Also when you setup a payment subscription with your VIP subscription that adds ability for a monthly Rays purchase. If you do not want to have the amount of Rays shown on your profile you need to deselect this option on your Social Center home page. In order to use your Rays you need to have a PIN set on your profile.

Earning Rays[]

Before you can acquire any free generated Rays you need to verify your account. Accounts that are not verified cannot earn free rays.

Once your account is verified there are some opt-in and -out options you might need to enable to allow Ray collection.

Ways to earn additional Rays[]

The following can be earned by Basic and VIP Users.

Social Center Logins ®0.25 Once per day
Client Login to Game ®0.75 Up to 2 per day
View a Profile ®0.10 Up to 10 per day
Rate a Profile ®0.10 Up to 10 per day
Rate a Picture ®0.05 Up to 30 per day
Rate a Blog ®0.25 Up to 2 per day
Post a Blog Entry ®1.00 Up to 1 every 3 days
Upload Pictures ®0.25 Up to 20 pictures per 30 days
Upload First Picture ®1.00
Your Blog Read ®0.05 Up to 10 per day
Your Profile Viewed ®0.05 Up to 20 per day
Upgrade to VIP ®20 Per upgrade unlimited
Rebill VIP ®20 Unlimited
Referred VIP ®5 Per referral

Tips on making Rays[]

There are several ways you can earn Rays, this come from creating clothing, decorating and selling layouts, participating in contests, raffles and dance events, joining a dance teams, hosting and djing events, cover charges,  creating & selling custom props and textures, trading Rays via the marketplace, working as a working girl/guy, creating logos and advertising signs, take people on paid tours, be a wedding planner and many more options.


Basic-Users can also earn Rays with the above methods, albeit some of them more limited as some features require a VIP subscription. However, you will not be able to pay for most things, sell Rays on the Marketplace or even use the Marketplace at any capacity. This means you cannot use the Marketplace to cash out your Rays without a VIP subscription. The Trader Account is still accessible by Basic-Users.

Using your Rays to buy things[]

VIP-Users can upgrade their own and friends accounts with Rays.

Other things you can buy include clothing, property layouts and services provided by other users.


On the Marketplace there is the ability to trade Rays between your Utherverse bank account and the Trader Account.

Interest payments[]

Interest compounds monthly is paid monthly to VIP and UVIP-members who have a Ray balance of ®1,000 and over. The amount of interest paid depends on your Ray balance.

Profile type Annual rate Min Ray balance
VIP 1.00% ®1,000
UVIP 1.50% ®1,000
VIP 1.50% ®5,000
UVIP 2.00% ®5,000


Chips also noted as © are a virtual type of currency that can be used for gambling. It is important to note that you can purchase Chips with your Rays but not visa versa. Therefore Chips is a currency that can never be turned into any real world money. Chips can be used for rental payments on property and buying clothing if enabled by the designer as an alternative payment option.

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