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The Quickbar is an actions strip that's located on the top left-hand side of the screen with a drop-down action menu. It is there to help you access all the actions your avatar can do in a quick and easy way. If you are currently performing a action you can see this in the last slot. This basically shows the action you are performing. Clicking on this currently performing slot, usually cancels the action you are performing, with the exception of sitting, which is cancelled by redoing the action instead.

There are 10 rows of 10 slots which you can customize with your favourite dance moves, sex actions, emotions and much more. Scroll between rows using the arrow buttons (QuickBarOpenButtonOn QuickBarCloseButtonOn).

While your mouse pointer is in the game (not in the Chat panel), you can press numbers 1 to 0 to perform the action without having to click into the Quickbar.

Quickbar actions can also be performed in the Chat panel by typing in the correct emote for the specific move instead of clicking them via the Quickbar.


Using the Quickbar[]

Start an action by moving your mouse over it and clicking an action button. Alternatively, trigger the buttons in the Quickbar by tapping numbers 1 to 0 on your keyboard or numpad. You can cancel the action simply by pressing the same number again. Select any of the ten Quickbar rows by holding the shift key and tapping numbers 1 to 0 on your keyboard.

The Autoplay and Repeat buttons only appear once you are on an appropriate dance floor.


Autoplay allows you to cycle through all ten actions in your current Quickbar view if they are eligible. This is useful for activities like dancing. To use autoplay, click the AutoOff button to the right of your Quickbar. This is only possible when you are on a dance floor. You can see that autoplay is enabled because the arrow iconAutoOn is highlighted yellow.


Repeat allows you to repeat an action without having to click it over ​and over. To use the repeat function, press the infinity button LoopOff on the right-hand side of the Quickbar. This is only possible when you are doing a repeatable action. You can see that repeat is enabled because the infinity icon LoopOn is highlighted yellow.

Editing the Quickbar[]

Add Actions to the Quickbar[]

  1. Click the List icon Button list on the far-left of the Quickbar.
  2. Click the + sign to expand categories
  3. Click and hold an action to pick it up, and drag it to an empty quick bar slot
  4. Release the action to place it in the slot.

Alternatively you can drag icons from the Actions list to your Quickbar. Click the name of the action, then hold and drag the icon to an empty slot on your quick bar. This method is mostly used when certain icons are not listed in the normal menu for Quickbar items. This method has some downsides, as some icons will disappear after re-logging in and out and need to be re-added each time you login. Note that some moves cannot be put on repeat or autoplay in the Quickbar.


Remove Actions from the Quickbar[]

  1. Click the List icon Button list on the far-left of the Quickbar.
  2. Click and hold an action to pick it up, then drag and drop it onto your game screen.


Replace Actions in the Quickbar[]

  1. Drag and drop your new action to the occupied Quickbar slot you’d like to replace
  2. Drag the action away from the Quickbar and left click to release it.

Access More Slots[]

Use the BtnLeftArrowOff and BtnRightArrowOff buttons on the left of the Quickbar to toggle through the available slot-set rows. There are 10 slot-sets containing 10 slots total for a total of 100 slots. Each slot-set rows has a number ranging from1 to0.

Problem adding new actions to the Quickbar[]

If you are having trouble updating the Quickbar try this workaround:

  1. Open the Quickbar Editor (top left of your screen) and drag every action you have out of the boxes, leaving them empty until all the bars are cleared.
  2. Restart the game client.
  3. Open the Quickbar editor again and redo all your actions from there. Do not add the dance moves that appear at the right side when you enter a Dance floor add to your Quickbar.

Edit Menu[]


Miscellaneous Actions Name Emote
Juggleidle Juggle Three Balls /juggle
Hulahoopidle Play with a Hula hoop /hulahoop
Hugoffer Get a Hug /hug
Kissoffer Get a Kiss /kiss
Skateidle Skate on Rollerblades /skate
Skateboardidle Skateboard /skateboard
FkneelenticeMkneelentice Kneel on the ground enticingly /entice
FkneelsubmissiveMkneelsubmissive Kneel on the ground submissively /kneel
Sitflooridle Sit on the ground /sit
Guitaridle Play the Guitar /guitar
Bassidle Play a Bass Guitar /bass
Sitflooridle Sing /sing
Emoticons Name Emote
FangryMangry Anger
FdevilMdevil Show the Devil Sign
FdisappointedMdisappointed Disappointed
FfingerMfinger Give the Finger
FfrownMfrown Fown
FgrinMgrin Grin
FlolMlol Laugh out Loud
FloveyouMloveYou Love You
FohMoh Oh!
FroflolMroflol Rolling on Floor Laughing out Loud
FshiftyMshifty Shifty
FsmileMsmile Smile
FsurprisedMsurprised Surprised
FtongueMtongue Stick out your tongue
FwinkMwink Wink
FwaveMwave Wave /wave
FpointMpoint Point /point
FclapMclap Clap /clap
FattitudeMattitude Attitude /attitude
FheelMheel Check your Heel /heel
FfrustratedMfrustrated Frustration /frustration
FwhoopdeedoMwhoopdeedo Whoopdeedo /whoopdeedo
FupsetMupset Upset /upset
FconfusedMconfused Confusion /confuse
FbowMbow Bow /bow
FpolitebowMpolitebow Polite Bow /politebow
FskMsk Fall Down /sk
Couple Dancing Name Emote
CoupleSlowDance Slow Dance with someone
CoupleSalsaDance Salsa Dance with someone
Couplegrind Dirty Dance with someone
Dance Country Name Emote
Dance Club Name Emote
Dance Rave Name Emote
Dance Erotic Name Emote

Sex Actions[]

Massages Name Emote
FMasturbateStandIdleMMasturbateStandIdle Masturbate Standing

Standing Sex

Standing Sex




Threeway Sex

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