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Pole dancing provides some enticing dance moves that female and TG female avatars can perform.

Click on a dance pole to start pole dancing. This opens the Actions menu on the right-hand side of the screen. All the pole dance moves are listed here in a scrollable menu with a few options to manipulate these actions.

Poledance moves

Repeat allows you to repeat an action without having to click it over ​and over. To use the repeat function, press the infinity button LoopOff . This is only possible when you are doing a repeatable action. You can see that repeat is enabled because the infinity icon LoopOn is highlighted yellow. Autoplay allows you to cycle through all the actions randomly. To use autoplay, click the AutoOff button at the top of the Action list. This is only possible when you are holding a pole. You can see when autoplay is enabled because the arrow iconAutoOn is highlighted yellow.

If no move is selected you will perform an idle animation.

The current active move your avatar is performing is shown in red. You can also hide this menu by clicking the Minimize icon if it is already minimized you will see a small side tab on the right hand side and clicking Open over icon to reopen the full menu. You can quit pole dancing by clicking Quit button.

List of pole dance moves[]

Attitude1 Attitude 1 DiamondBracket2 Diamond Bracket 2 Martini2 Martini 2
Attitude2 Attitude 2 Goddess Goddess HipCircles Hip Circles
Attitude3 Attitude 3 GrabAndKissPole Grab and Kiss Pole PasDeBouree Pas De Bouree
BackSpin1 Back Spin 1 GrabAndShakeDown Grab and Shakedown Pirouette Pirouette
BackSpin2 Back Spin 2 GrindDownAndGroove Grind down and Groove SaunterAroundPole Saunter Around Pole
BoobRubOnPole Boob Rub on Pole GrindInFrontOfPole Grind in front of Pole VLegExtension VLeg Extension
BoobShakeWalk Boob Shake Walk GroundGrind Ground Grind
DiamondBracket1 Diamond Bracket 1 Martini1 Martini 1

Making a dance pole[]

Before you can perform a pole dance, a Dance Pole script is set on a Pole Dance Pole prop.

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