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Click the My Home Social Center button to open your Home tab, then click the Pictures tab.

The Pictures tab contains your photo albums which you can upload images to. These images are mainly displayed on your profile and you can specify who can view these.

If you want to upload images/textures for decorating upload these to UtherBucket instead.

Creating Albums[]

There is always a default album called Main Album this album cannot be deleted or modified and is always present. You can create additional albums by clicking theCreate photo album button. This opens up a menu to add a new folder and you can give it a title and description. If you added more then the main album, the view of your album will be different by adding a new interface displaying the albums on a slider as seen as below.

Album line

In the above image you can see the default Main Album and a new album created called The underworld. You can also see how many images are present in each album.

Note that you cannot rename an album, but you can make a new album and move the images to it, then finally delete the old album.

Default Profile picture[]

New default profile pictire

You can also see the tick icon Check mark in the Main Album, meaning that one image in that album is the default image for your Profile.  Once you are in an album that has your default Profile picture set, you can see this picture again with the tick icon Check mark next to it. You can only ever have one image set as your default Profile image.

To set another image as your default picture, select the image with a Checkmark whitebox as you can see above the Devil image on the right. Next, select the Set Profile image from theSelect an option dropdown list and click the Go button button. Now the tick icon Check markis shown on the image you have selected. This is now your new profile image. If you don't want a profile image, delete the image that is currently set as your deault from its photo album. This reverts your profile image back to the default missing picture image.

Viewing & adding photos to albums[]

To view a photo album, click on the front image. This opens up a view of the photo albums underneath the albums and you will see all the images in this photo album.

Photo album inside

The example above shows a photo album that has a single image in it. To add a new picture clickt the Add Pic button  Add picture icon then fill out the upload pop-up panel. This can be one of two versions of the upload:

Upload image

These upload screens are one and the same, with the exception that with the left one you have to enter captcha as an added security measure. You will not be captcha tested every upload.

You can also move images between albums by selecting the images you want to move and then select the album you want to move them to from the dropdown menu on the right hand side and pressing the Go button button once you want to move the selected images.

Individual images[]

Picture rating

This rating menu is shown on all image pages. This is the rating it got from votes by users. You can never rate your own pictures. But you can rate other peoples.

Clicking any image in your photo albums will bring you to the individual image page. At the top you will see the following: Buttons navigation images. With these buttons you can scroll through the album images. If there is only a single image in this album you will only see the Back To Album button.

One thing you can do from this image page is right-click the image and click on the top option view image. This will bring you to an url that looks similar to:

Url image

You can copy this URL and hotlink images directly. You could even link this directly in the cached web image script when decorating. Something important to note with images that you upload to your photo album will always be resized to a maximum of 500 pixels width and/or height if either/or any of these two values exceed the 500 pixel limit. The resizing also deforms images this method and its is wise to format your images yourself before uploading them to the picture album. Besides that it is also not the ideal texture file size of 512 pixels width. Therefore it is recommended to instead use Utherbucket for hosting deco images.

File types and sizes[]

Currently the albums on your profile can contain a maximum of 450kb for every gif picture you upload.

Picture settings[]

Option Select multiple images Icon Explanation
Set Caption no Here you can set as text you enter into the field, that will show up with the image.
Set Profile Image no Check mark This option allows you to change your profile picture.
Set Album Image no This option will set an image as the photo album cover.
Mark Public yes Image public This will make the image visable to anyone visiting your profile.
Mark Hidden yes Image hidden This will hide the image from viewing via your profile, but anyone with the direct url to this image can still see it.
Mark Private yes Image private This make the image only visable to you and your friends.
Mark VIP Only yes Image viponly This means only VIP members can view this image.
Delete Images yes

This option allows you to delete images.

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