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Click the My Home Social Center button to open your Home tab, then click the Clothing tab.

The My Home Clothing tab is often referred to as My Outfits. It is mostly used for designing of clothing and listing them in the clothing store, looking at sales information other some other useful tools for clothing designers. There are a few other things you can do on this tab but it is best to read the clothing section for more information regarding wearing and designing clothing. You must have a VIP profile in order to use this function.

If you want to wear clothes you should check out the closet instead. It is entirely possible to also use this tab to purchase and change clothes, as this was the main place to purchase clothing in the past. However, this is slow and takes up a lot of loading time, therefore it is highly recommended use the social center - closet instead.

Your Profile tab comprises a set of seven sub-tabs:

  • My Outfits
  • Create Outfit
  • Browse Outfits
  • Top 20 Outfits
  • Sales History
  • Wished Items
  • Reset Outfit

These sub-tabs are described below.

My Outfits[]

At the top of the my outfit pages you can find a panel where you can download the Designer Kit and Texture Pack.

Myoutfits page topbar

Other then the downloads found here, you will also find some basic information about the current state of your avatar. Firstly the gender you have selected, secondly the type of avatar model either legacy or new style. And lastly, you can find the current outfit applied to your avatar. This is the name a designed (or yourself) gave to an outfit, only the last outfit you applied is shown here even if your outfit consists out of multiple designed outfits.

My Purchased Clothing[]

My Designed Clothing[]

Create Outfit[]

The Create Outfit sub-tab is mostly used by designers to upload new textures and compile a new outfit, to list and sell in the closet. Some people also use this to upload their own custom textured to have a unique avatar. Other then uploading from the previous tab, my outfits, you will also be transported to this tab if you edit any of your designed clothes.

Browse Outfits[]

Top 20 Outfits[]

Sales History[]

Wished Items[]

Reset Outfit[]

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