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Click the My Home Social Center button to open your Home tab, then click the Messages tab.

This is Utherverses internal message system. Often it gets confused with emails. This is not the case, you cannot email to or from the message system and everything happens on the Social Center. You do however at times get official messages from Utherverse regarding certain features. Currently the most common received message from Utherverse is your anniversary date for your account with a link to the Loyalty Swagbag.

Your Messages tab comprises a set of sub-tabs:

  • View Messages
  • Compose
  • Email Preferences
  • Bulletins

These sub-tabs are described below.

View Messages[]

On this tab you can view the messages you have received sorted by date. You can alter the view by Sender, Subject, Date/Time and Status. Furthermore you have an Inbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items folders. You can create your own folders, and move massages into them into these for easier sorting. The numbers in brackets behind the folders are the number of messages in those folders. If it is possible to delete a folder, you will see a button to delete the folder, once you are in that folder if there is any messages in this folder they will be moved to delete items.

To read messages you simply click the subject of the message. If you click the avatar name it will take you to this persons profile instead. Once your read a message sent to you, you can click a button to delete this message and it will be moved to your deleted folder. If you click the Empty Trash button (that only shows up when you have deleted messages) you will permanently delete these messages.

At the bottom you can find the following bar:

Message bar send

You can select messages individually and then delete the selection by clicking the Delete Selected option. You can also delete all messages on this page by selecting the Toggle Select All option. Another option you can do with the selected messages is to move messages into different folders, use the dropdown box to do this and then press Go. Lasty you can use the search function to find specific messages, not that it only searches the message content not the profile names. It will also only search in the folder you have selected.

Lastly you can click the Compose button, which will bring you to the Compose tab explained in the next section below.


This is where you can create and send messages to others. When typing into the to: field it will try and autocomplete the name based on your friendslist. You can also type names not on your friendlist. To avoid typing mistakes, go first to their profile and click the send me a message link which will automatically fill in the name into the field to avoid sending the message to the wrong person or profile. Especially pay attention to underscores as these are the most common made mistakes when there are more then one underscore used in the name.

The subject can be anything you like, but just like an email it helps to mention the topic of the message here. Lastly there is the message field you can enter the message you want to get across.

Sending messages costs ® 0.10 per message, and this fee is waived if you are friends with the receiver.

Once everything is in order you can click the Send Message button.

Email Preferences[]

While very confusing this name is wrong as it has nothing to do with emails, rather messages on the message system. In this section you can set options regarding the message system. It is highly recommended to leave these at default in order to not miss any messages.

All Communications This stops all message from being send to you.
Social Center Messages Events Calender Alerts Prevents messages from the calender to reach you.
Profile Comments Stops messages about new profile comments made on your profile.
Friends Requests Stops sending you news about people who want to friend you.
Social Center Message Alert Stops sending messages from the social center.
All Other Stops all other messages not covered above.
Monthly News Letter This stops you from receiving the monthly newsletters from Utherverse.
Special Events And Promotions This stop you from receiving events and promotional information from Utherverse. This inclused not receiving information from the loyalty bags.

*Messages under the social center messages, can be viewed by clicking on [ web.social.basic.customize ]


Here you can create new bulletins, start by typing a subject in the form box. Clicking this will extend the bulletin page and you can enter the message send. The subject line is what will be displayed on the widget and this page. Once this is submitted it will be advertised in your bulletin feed. It is totally posible to display html coding in the bulletin to send a more aestetically appealing bulletin.

Below the creation of bulletins you can find the search box where you can search on keywords or profile names. Searching keywords searches through the bulletins content.

Below this is bulletins you received usually displaying the profile name and subject line of their bulletin. Clicking the subject line will bring you to their bulletin. This is the same feed that is displayed in the widget on the home page.

Bulletin Settings[]

Hidden bulletin tab

This tab only shows up if you are currently on the bulletin tab described in the previous section.

Here you can create a list of hidden friends or unhide them if you do not longer wish this to be the case.

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