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Utherverse has a variety of public locations. These locations are usually sub-divided by brands as well. Though some are in essence the same on every brand. You can usually recognize if these are official Utherverse location by the Utherverse logo near the door.

On this page you can find a list of these Utherverse-created locations and learn more about them. Some of these locations also have portals or doors to other officials locations and are interconnected.

The clubs run by Utherverse also host official events from time to time.There is also a lot of rooms linked to hotels, clubs and other locations, but because of the large amount of these, they have been omitted from this list.

User-made public locations are detailed on a separate wiki page.

Both Utherverse-created and user-created locations can also be found in the directory.

Main locations[]

Location URL to specific Location
Utherverse Transport utherverse.vww/trans
Redlight Center Transport utherverse.vww/RedLightCenter/trans
Virtual Vancouver Transport utherverse.vww/VirtualVancouver/trans
Virtual Vancouver utherverse.vww/vancouverstreet
Rude Virtual Main Street utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/street
Castaway Island Transport utherverse.vww/castawayisland/trans
Welcome Center utherverse.vww/RedLightCenter/welcome
Utherverse Learning Center utherverse.vww/learningcenter
Street utherverse.vww/street
Alley utherverse.vww/alley
Pride Alley utherverse.vww/alley_g
Cam Alley utherverse.vww/cam_alley
Cam Alley Gay utherverse.vww/Cam_Alley_G
Rude Alley utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/Alley
Zaby Lobby utherverse.vww/zaby01
Sports Club Combat utherverse.vww/cityclub
Sports Club utherverse.vww/cityclub2
Wedding Region utherverse.vww/weddings
All Things Wedding utherverse.vww/@39374/@1105086
Fellowship Chapel utherverse.vww/vegaschapel
Memorial Gardens utherverse.vww/memorial_garden
Bareback Bordello utherverse.vww/bordello
Lagoon utherverse.vww/lagoon1a
Park utherverse.vww/park
Tiberius Resort & Casino utherverse.vww/@163058
Museum utherverse.vww/museum
VWW Showcase utherverse.vww/@10707/@162730
UV Business utherverse.vww/Business
UtherAcademy utherverse.vww/UtherAcademy/ualobby
Granville Island utherverse.vww/boardwalk
RLC Shop utherverse.vww/shop_rlc
Events Park utherverse.vww/@158248/@1472573
UV Park Pool utherverse.vww/park_lake
Pride Crossing utherverse.vww/PrideCrossing

Clubs, hotels and other venues run by Utherverse[]

Location Region URL to specific Location
Passions utherverse.vww/passionclub
Amped Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@101543
Lil' Miss RudeGirl Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@104285
NightCandy utherverse.vww/@284212
Rude T.V. Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@103953
Rude Amphitheater Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@103676
RLC Cinema utherverse.vww/rlc_cinema
Candy's utherverse.vww/candy#NightCandy
Tatarus utherverse.vww/london_dungeon
Faster Pussycat utherverse.vww/dance02
Rude Hotel Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@101543
Reef Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@102169
Century Theater utherverse.vww/strand
Fantasy Hotel utherverse.vww/fantasyhotellobby_new
Blu's Club utherverse.vww/blus_club
Merlin's Cafe VV utherverse.vww/420Cafe
Haunted House Granville utherverse.vww/haunted_house
Funhouse Granville utherverse.vww/puzzle
Winter Workshop Granville utherverse.vww/OpenMic
The Rose Garden Granville utherverse.vww/@240585
Info Center Granville utherverse.vww/office_basicVacant
Amphitheater VV utherverse.vww/Amphitheatre
Virtual Vancouver Arcade VV utherverse.vww/arcade
Fastlane Roller Rink VV utherverse.vww/roller_rink
Round House VV utherverse.vww/@137385
3D Tunes VV utherverse.vww/@48472/street
Soda Shop Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@103952
Whoo's Comedy Club and Lounge utherverse.vww/comedyclub
Rude Beach Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/Beach
Rude's Wedding Beach Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@101889
Sweet Seduction Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@103672
Indulgence Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@103677
Rude Courtyard Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@103667
Rude Mall Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@102181
Rude Chappel Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@992537
Outlaws Tavern Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@102162
Jokers Rude utherverse.vww/RudeVirtual/@103950
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