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The location: namespace has specific rules for which properties are and are not allowed to be listed here. This page is an overview of all the special rules regarding this namespace. Please read these before adding anything to this namespace.

How to add my location to the Utherverse Wiki?[]

Create a new page starting with Location:

Do not forget the colon at the end.

Behind this, without any spaces, the name as it appears in creep3d.com Example:

Location:My Utherverse club

Page Layout[]

The page needs to include the following infobox with all relevant information added. Copy and paste this list into the "source" of the page and fill in the answers.

Adding actions[]

For adding applicable actions that are allowed or mandatory in a certain location, you must use one or some of the following icons, these are added without spaces in one long string into the action space of the infobox:

Icon Explanation Icon URL
55x55 Working Girl/Guy Friendly Zone: This location it is allowed for working girl and guy to enabled their WG badge and solicit their services. [[File:Wg_4.png|WG Friendly|55x55px]]
55x55 Swimmable area: This location has water surfaces when entered your avatar will swim in. [[File:Swimming_Icon.png|Swimable Area|55x55px]]
55x55 Super Jump required: This location has areas that can only be reached when using super jump. [[file:SuperJump_Icon_2.png|Super Jump Needed|55x55px]]
55x55 Skating and Skateboarding property: In this location you skating and skateboarding are enabled, and you are allowed to do these activities here. [[File:Skating_Icon.png|Skating Enabled|55x55px]]
55x55 Cover Charge: In order to enter this location you need to pay a fee. [[file:PayingCoverCharge_Icon.png|Cover Charge|55x55px]]
55x55 Micro Love: This location it is usually required to set your avatar to micro in order to explore everything. [[File:Micro_2.png|Micro Friendly|55x55px]]
55x55 Mermaids: In these locations the owner has enabled the rule to set avatars to mermaid tails. Meaning when entering swimmable water your legs turn into a fin. [[File:Mermaid_Icon.png|Mermaid Tails|55x55px]]
55x55 Masturbation enabled: Locations with this rule setup it is possible to self-pleasure. [[file:Mbate_Icon.png|Self-Pleasure Possible|55x55px]]
55x55 Sex enabled: Locations with this rule setup, it is possible to have intercourse with a partner. [[File:Icourse_Icon.png|Intercourse Possible|55x55px]]
55x55 Flying for everyone: This icon is used to alert people that instead of running they will go flying. This icon can only be added if this is setup for everyone. [[file:Flying_Icon.png|Fly Zone|55x55px]]
55x55 Dancing location: This location has dancefloor(s) to allow avatars to party. [[File:Dancing_Icon.png|Has Dance Floor|55x55px]]
55x55 Getting naked: In this location you can take of your clothes. [[file:Nudity_Icon.png|Nudity Allowed|55x55px]]

Adding events[]

It is possible to add up to 3 events into the infobox. It is only allowed to add events that are repeated. You cannot add one-time events such as weddings or receptions. Information about the event should also be present on the page itself in a more detailed section.


  • The location namespace can only contain publicly open places or Utherverse owned locations. Zabies cannot be listed. In order to quality for a public user made property, this property needs to have been open for at least a month to the public. If the property is still operating and not locked, it qualifies for the User-made public locations list. Any properties that are locked will be removed from this list.
  • Private locations, even if listed in the directory are not to be added as a location on this site.
  • It is allowed to include places that require a cover charge, but this needs to be noted with the listing in the form of the action icon and the fee.
  • Any property added must be preceded by Location:
  • No nudity, or sexualized advertisement including images can be used, on this User-made public locations list or the actual location page of your property.