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Information Messages are occasionally received from the server. These are usually to inform you about something that is happening or something you cannot do.

These messages can pop up when you specifically do an action or jump to a region. However, they can also be send to everyone online in the form of a warning message, usually indicating what will happen in the coming minutes.

No permission to enter region[]


This is a very common information message simply meaning that the owner of the property has not setup a specific permission or rule to allow your specific profile to enter this region. It could also be possible that there is currently as deny rule setup to deny your profile to enter. In most circumstances the rules are not setup properly by the owner of the property and they should fix this accordingly.

Another important reason this message could pop up is that the property owner has currently not made License Fee Deposit for this particular property and its rent is overdue. This can be remedied by the property owner to pay the rent.

The door is locked[]


The owner is not home so the door is locked information messages will be displayed when the owner has specifically enabled the "Lock if I'm away" status in the Room Settings. Meaning you can only enter this location once the owners profile is online in the game.

Could not find the requested dimension[]

Info dimension unfound

Unable to connect to server[]

Error unable to connect

Swood Error Message[]

The swood error is caused when your client version is different from the servers current version.

Swood error message

Server Critical Error[]

Server critical

This message appears when there is some issue with the server and is about to reboot. It is recommended to close prop edit immediately when you notice this message in order to save your work.

Could not insert clipboard text into this field. The maximum number of characters allowed to place are [50][]

Infomessage clipboard


Could not locate that instance[]

Infomessage could not locate instance
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