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This page is a general introduction to property

Housing mostly referred to as property is a type of virtual house or location in a world. There is a variety of properties in Utherverse ranging from small to really large places. Users decorate them with their own imagination. You can find clubs, houses, castles, sex clubs, games, you name it and it is most likely there in some form or another. And if not the community encourages you to plunge forward and create this unique location that does not exist yet.

Many properties are rented from Utherverse on a yearly or monthly basis using rays. There are some free properties that VIP-users can acquire. Basic-users can own properties as well but their decorating abilities in these is very limited.

Types of property[]

There are a few distinct types of property within Utherverse. The most common types are zabys, these are great for new players and starting decorators. There are also Showroom zabys which are a type of zaby that has more limits and are not suitable for normal use. For more advanced users there is the option to create a world which comes with a transport center that can be directly be opened by a custom download link, enabling users to directly enter your world's transport station. After purchasing a world, more property types become available for purchase.

Exploring other users properties[]

To find locations you can use the directory which contains a complete list of categories of properties open to anyone. Which they have done via the keywords tab in the manage property page. If you want to see this list online you can visit creep3d.com to explore the same directory as in world. Some places will have a cover charge set in order to enter them.

Acquiring & managing property[]

You can manage your property on the Social Center. Here you can modify settings and rules and permissions for your property. You can also buy new properties from the property catalog, though depending on your account level you might be limited to the number of properties you can purchase. To purchase certain properties you might also need specific badge attached to your profile.

Decorating property[]

Creating your own layouts requires some understanding of decorating which is the ability to modify and alter your or someone else's property. This requires understanding of the prop editor as well as making of textures to start with. You can also hire a decorator to build a place for you.

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