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Click the My Home Social Center button to open your Home tab, then click the Gift tab.

Use this tab to change settings and information about yourself on your profile that is displayed on the Social Center to yourself and others.

The Gift tab has two sub-tabs one to send gifts and the other displays gifts you have received. You can set whether to hide or show your received gifts on your profile.

Send Gift[]

You can send a gift to another profile via this interface. Below you see the steps you have to take in order to achieve this. Below is a table about the steps you have to take to send a friend or profile a gift. You can always go back a step, until you have finished step 5, and pressed confirm and send. At step 5 you can also save the gift you created and send it in it the future, to the same or other people.

Gift step0 Here you can select to send a new gift package or a previously saved gift package to someone. The latter will only show up if you have created a saved gift in a previous gift giving section.
Gift step1 Here you type in the profile name of the person you want to send a gift to. Make sure you have selected the right profile name before continueing as it is impossible to undo gifts you send.
Gift step2 Here you can select the gift card (image) that will be displayed the the recepients gifts. All these cards cost ® 5.00
Gift step3 Here you can select the figt you want to include with the card. Basic members do not get any options here. The VIP options are to included a VIP or UVIP package, or an item of clothes or you can  choose not to include a gift.
Gift step4 Here you can add a personalized text to be included and shown to the recepient.
Gift step5 This is the checkout screen where you get an overview of your selected choices and can confirm the purchase and send the gift. You also get an overview of the costs in rays. Before continueing make sure you have entered all the correct information, as the moment you press the confirm and send button you cannot make any more changes to the gift or get a refund.

My Gifts[]

In my gifts you get an overview of all the gifts you ever received from other users. Gifts you received can never be deleted but you can toggle the visibility of these gifts on your profile by toggling the don't show on profile / show on profile option. By default new gifts are always shown on your profile until you change this.

Gift example
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