Utherverse Wiki

The Utherverse Forum is a web site where people can post a variety of topics and questions and interact with each other. This is also where news is shared by staff. Here you can find a large resource of guides and help topics.

Click the Forums button on the Social Center button bar to open the Utherverse Forums web page on a new tab. 

The forums is divided into two main sections the first being any topics regarding Utherverse and the other regarding anything else. There is also a third archive section which currently links to nowhere. The software the forums run on is a bit outdated and therefore have many limitations.

You can also post questions you have regarding Utherverse in the How-To Discussion Forum. Most news topics from staff can be found in the Utherverse General Discussion and Suggestions forum board. There is a separate Curio General Discussion forum board for Curio related information.

There is also a support forum, which user can assist each other and help figure out customer and technically related issues. Be aware that anything you post here is public, and while sometimes tech volunteers and staff answers questions in this forum, this is not the best place to seek direct support. That is best done via the official support channels. However, you can still find many answers to questions you might have in this forum as they have been answered in the past.

Forum rules are here.

Notable forum posts

The following is a list of important topics currently covered on the Utherverse forums.

This list was last updated on 2 April 2019.


The Forum uses BBCode. Here is a reference: https://www.bbcode.org/reference.php

Posting a YouTube video

Use the youtube.com link from your web browser URL (not from the Share button, youtu.be links do not work).

Ensure you remove the s in https, for example:


Posting an image

The image you want to post on the forum has to hosted in the same way as you would host a texture image to use in the Prop Editor.

Ensure you remove the s in https, for example: