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Explore is the main place to read the current announcements, find locations to explore and to browse ongoing and upcoming events.

Click the Explore button at the top of the User Interface to open the Events pop-up panel (aka Directory).


The Announcements tab shows official news items posted by Utherverse. This is the secondary source of new information, news and important information can be found via the MOTD. You can also display this information when you first login by enabling the Show on startup in Game Settings.



The Directory tab is the main place you can use to explore the properties and worlds made by other members. You can also browse the directory online at creep3d.com

The Search feature lets you look for specific keywords that are associated with public properties, or you can use the categories to narrow-down places based on theme.

If you are looking for somewhere that is currently busy, use the Most Popular feature.

How to list your property in the Directory[]

  1. Open the Property tab on your Social Center.
  2. Click Manage and select the the property you want to work with.
  3. In the Category section, select what type of listing you would like your property to show up in for the directory.
  4. Click the Update button in the Category section.
  5. Below that put in a list of keywords, each separated by a comma, that you would like your property to appear for when searched.
  6. Click the Update button in the Keywords section.
  7. Below that type a description that you would like to have appear with your property's directory listing.
  8. Click the Update button in this section.



The Events tab shows events that are ongoing, you can also check what is happening this week or even the entire year by visiting the month view. Sometimes it also displays a vww of the day if one is setup for that day, these show up in the featured section, they also have a banner indicating these events are VWW of the day. Current events are shown first and are marked with "in progress" status. You can use the right arrow to browse more upcoming events that day.

To show expired events (up to four hours after event ended), click the Show ended events button. These are displayed grayed-out.

Note that you can also view events listings on the Utherverse Events Calendar web page via your Profile.

Domain Info[]

The Domain Info tab displays information about the current property you are in. This tab for unknown reasons is bugged a lot of times and misses information on the property. You can alter the information that is displayed here on the Manage World section in your Social Center.

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