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A dimension, often shortened to dim, is a version of an instance that has limitations on population capacity, orientation and permissions. Dimensions are used to help members with similar orientation preferences find each other, and to set restrictions on what type of conduct and appearance is allowed in a specific dim. Switching a dimension will not switch your vww. Dimensions are part of the main Utherverse Structure and are a subordinate of an instance, however they are special as they can spawn multiples of an instance.

You can set your default dimension in the Settings panel. You will automatically enter every property in your chosen default dimension if it is available.

To switch dimensions, click the Dimensions icon Z dimension on the in Tool/Avatar Ring to open Dimensions panel. Here you can double-click another dimension to port to. Note that the Dimensions panel only lists dims that have other avatars in them.

Population capacity[]

If a location has reached its population capacity (Max), but the world has more room, a new dimension is automatically opened. For example, if 50 people visit the Standard dimension of a location but its limit is at 30, two Standard dimensions are opened to accommodate all the visitors. UVIP accounts are still able to enter dimensions that are over capacity.


You can switch between different orientation dimensions to find members with similar interests, provided the other dimensions are available. Some rooms have 'locked' dimensions, which means all members are forced into one orientation and cannot port to others.

Here are the different orientations:

Orientation Description
Standard This is the default setting if you don't choose your own. This dimension is not for public sex/BDSM, role play, or advanced avatar modifications (like wearing props).
BDSM This dimension is for people who wish to practice BDSM and/or explicit sex in public areas.
AG Role Play The Anything Goes Role Play dimension is for furries, nekos, dragons, fairies pixies vampires, werewolves and their friends.
Anything Goes This dimensions has very relaxed rules about avatar appearance. You can attach props to your avatar in this dimension. Basics accounts who have been VIP before are allowed to wear custom outfits in this dimension.


You can set your default language in the in-game Settings panel. You will automatically enter all locations in your default language dimension if it is available. Main Transport locations are set to Language Free.

You can switch your avatar to different orientations such as Standard, Anything Goes, AG Role Play and BDSM to your personal preference. This places you among a set of users that share your interests. There are also different language dimensions, such as Spanish, French, Dutch, etc so that you can interact in a way that you are most comfortable. Feel free to send a suggestion into support@utherverse.com if you do not see the language you desire to communicate in.

Dimension settings in personal properties[]

Users are allowed to limit specific dimensions from being created in their own properties by changing the room settings in their permissions section on the Social Center.

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