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Decorating is one of the main things to do within Utherverse. You can create your own apartments or personal houses also known as zabys. It is also entirely possible to create your own complete worlds. People create clubs, for dance events or a cosy apartment for some naughty BDSM play. The purpose can vary greatly and is only limited to your imagination.

Acquiring property[]

If you do not have a property yet, you can get one from the Social Center in the Properties Catalog.

Learn more about housing.

Getting decorating permissions[]

There are two main rules or permissions you need to get start decorating, these are Decorate and Edit Room Textures. If you are the property owner you can simply use "Owner" as the list item to enable this for yourself. Otherwise you need the owner of the property to add you to a list to get access to these two options.

Tip: Some decorators also require flying in the property which can be enabled during the setup of the permissions.

Here is a video showing how to add the decorating permission

Hiring a decorator or doing it yourself[]

It is possible to hire a decorator, buy already pre-made layouts or pick one up from the regular seasonal Swagbags.


To get started once you have a property to work with and have configured the decorating permission from the property owner, the first thing you most likely do is open the Prop Editor. This tool is used to add props to the location and manipulate them. Props are objects created by Utherverse to decorate with, they vary in complexity from walls, chairs, beds and even whole ships. See the props page for a more detailed description of props.

World Texture Editor[]

The World Texture Editor is used to re-texture the BSP maps on the property template.

Decorating guides[]

For those new with deco or those seasoned who need a reminder how to do a specific thing, we created the Decorating Guides page for a quick and helpful overview of a lot of useful tip and tricks how to do certain things with the prop editor.

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