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Dancing is one of the most common activities done across Utherverse's daily dance events at many of the clubs.

Your avatar automatically starts solo dancing once you walk into a dance floor. A clickable Actions menu listing the dances you can perform is show on the right hand side of the screen.

Once on a dance floor you can invite others to dance with you by right-clicking their avatar. When you are couple-dancing, the Actions menu shows the couple dances.

Technically, dance floors work when avatars walk within a trigger box_01 that uses a dance script.

To dance while not on a dance floor, type the specific emote into the Chat panel, for example /dance_modern22. This method performs only one loop of the dance and is not continuous.

Types of dances[]

  • Cage dances (only female and TG female avatars can perform these dances) This type of dance is done using emotes only.
  • Country dances.
  • Couple dances.
  • Erotic dances (only female and TG female avatars can perform these dances).
  • Modern dances.
  • Pole dances (only female and TG female avatars can perform these dances).
  • VIP Dances (rave dances with a glowie).

The individual dances within these groups are listed on the Emotes page.


VIP-Users can pick up a glowie in their right hand from most modern dance floors to enable rave dancing. The owner of the properties has the ability to turn rave dances and glowies use off on dancefloors.

Dance teams[]

A way to earn rays is to join a dance team who will get invited to events by the hosts. This usually means to synchronized dancing on a stage. Usually this requires some knowledge of how to setup your dance moves so all performers perform the same animation at the same time. The better the dance team the more rays can be earned and the more gigs they will be invited to. Many dance teams make great use of the Quickbar to cycle through a preset sequence of dance moves or selecting the dances using keys 1 to 0 on their keyboard.

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