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There are several methods to create a fireplace in your zaby or property. These can vary from animated fireplaces to static ones. There is also the option to create 3D looking fireplaces with props. In this guide you can find several options on how to add a fireplace to your places.

There is of course more variations possible, please feel free to experiment with these or combine if you see fit.

Fireplace as an Image[]

With the Cached Web Image script you can add a picture of a fireplace to a sign_01 prop. This is a simple method anyone can do. This can also be used as a background for 3D fireplaces.

Simply add the following url to your sign_01 Cached Web Image script:


The above image can be used freely and distributed freely. It is sized to 1024x1024 pixels.

Some options to keep in mind in the prop editor:

  • File Caching, set to Forever (This prevents people from re-downloading this texture over and over)
  • State Tab: Basic, unlit: Enabled' (This will make the fire brighter)

Fireplace via Attach Web Browser script[]

You can add any .gif file fireplace to this script.

Note: The Attach Web Browser script uses a lot of resources to display its content, and severely limits the number of props you can place in a property.

A user named Larry_Mayhem has written a blog and guide on how to do this.

Fireplace with Props[]

3d fireplace

A usermade elobrate 3D fireplace. This usually gives the best aesthetics for in game looks.

The quickest way is to add a Alpha Pine Tree prop and Attach Animated Texture to it. You will have to select a texture with this script and it is recommended to choose Fire.spr sprite to add to it. This will create a 3D fire which you can scale to your liking. Some options to keep in mind in the prop editor:

  • File Caching, set to: Forever (This will prevent people from re-downloading this texture over and over)
  • State Tab: Basic, unlit: Enabled (This will make the fire brighter)
  • State Tab: Advanced, Texture Translucent:80 (This will make the texture better from different angles and remove some of the clutter from the edges.)

It is recommended to also add some logs to make it look more like a fireplace.

The following log file is provided freely for use around Utherverse and it is best put on a Primitive Cylinder prop.


Of course you can add more things as you need them, such as props for the stone work, a grill or screen etc.

Note: An alternative method to create fire is to create a prop and Attach Animated Sprite, and input fire.spr as the sprite. Scale to 100 and in the state tab, and in advanced enable: Sprite, Sprite Unlit and Sprite Only (optionally Sprite Fixed for a specific look)

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