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Controls are inputs via your keyboard or mouse that make your avatar move or perform an action. While this page purely discusses the default controls, you can Customize Controls in the Game Settings. Some of the controls on this page can also be activated via the Quickbar which is part of the overall User Interface. Furthermore it is possible to chat with others users and even use the Chat panel to input Commands that also control you Avatars actions.

Once you have understood the basic controls to move within a Location you can start Exploring Utherverse. Participating in Events and just have a lot of fun. If you are familiar with Utherverse you can also check out some awesome Tricks.

Basic controls[]

Movement by mouse[]

Hold both mouse buttons down to move your avatar. Holding only the left button will change your camera angle, and holding only the right mouse button will change which direction your avatar is facing.

Your pointer is also able to click a variety of objects in-world when your pointer changes shape. For example, if you point to a chair than can be sat on activates the Sit pointer. ChairsitPNGis activated.

Movement by keyboard[]

The following table gives a quick explanation of the basic keyboard controls.

Key(s) Alternate Key(s) Description
WSAD ↑↓←→ This allows your avatar to move forwards and backwards and be directed left and right
QE This allows your avatar to strafe left and right.
Spacebar This allows your avatar to jump.
Z This allows your avatar to crouch.
CTLR (left) CTLR (right) This toggles between running and walking.

It is also possible to use a combination of movements keys, for example to make your avatar walk in circles. You can alter your controls as shown in the Game Settings article.

Movement with special conditions[]

Some of the following types of movement need special settings to be configured.

Command Explanation
Super Jump

Super Jump lets you jump much higher than jumping normally takes you. To configure, either press F7 or click the Settings icon Y settings in the Corner Ring to view the Settings panel , then on the General tab, select Super Jump. You can only have one type of jumping active at any time.

Flying If flying is enabled replaces running. This means that the CTRL key toggles between walking and flying instead of walking and running. Flying is enabled in the location via permissions.
Skating Use the /skate or /skateboard text command to start skating/skateboarding. Skating can also be added to your Quickbar . Skating is enabled in the location via permissions.
Swimming Certain properties have swimmable water, once your avatar enters this water you will start swimming. Note, that not all water is swimmable. You can toggle your swimming speed by toggling the CTRL key.
Shooting In areas where combat is enabled, such as the sport arenas, you can shoot fireballs, lasers or snowballs using the X key.

Camera controls[]

Center Camera /
Camera Left ,
Camera Right .
Look Up Page Up
Look Down Page Down
Camera Zoom In K or mouse scroll wheel Up
Camera Zoom Out L or mouse scroll wheel Down


Capture a screenshot by pressing the key. After a successful screenshot, text appears on your screen to let you know where it’s been saved. It is possible, but not recommended, to change the - hot key in Settings on the Controls tab.

Tip: Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom right into your head. This make the screen look like you are looking through your eyes rather than a camera behind you.

The default location for the saved screenshot is C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Pictures\Utherverse\

  • To hide the user interface, press the = key.
  • To hide usernames and badges, press the F9 key.
  • To hide your username and badge use the Show Your Own Name checkbox on the Settings panel.

As an alternative to the key, some use a tool that is built into windows to take screenshots, in Windows 10 and 11, it's called Snip and Sketch. Access it by holding down down both your Windows and Shift keys then tap the S key. Choosing the snip in 3 seconds option gives you time to click back into the game window and stop your avatar ghosting.

Miscellaneous keyboard controls[]

The following table highlight keyboard controls mostly used to interact with the User Interface.

Toggle UI =
Show Stats F2
Focus on Address Bar F3
Reload Location F5
Friends List F6
Settings/Options F7
Show/Hide User Names F9
Push to talk T

VIP controls[]

VIP-users can access nudity and adult actions in locations that allow them. You can learn more about how to get naked, have sex and stay safe, in the Virtual Sex article. Sex is enabled in the location via permissions.

Drugs & alcohol[]

VIP-users can use virtual drugs and drink virtual alcohol.

  1. Find a drug or alcohol scripted prop, such as a glass of beer or pill tray.
  2. Hover your mouse over it until the pointer changes to a hand holding an object.
  3. Click the object to activate the intoxication animations for that item.
  4. In the lower-right of your screen you will see options to 'TAKE' more drugs or 'SOBER UP' to end the special animations.
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