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Closet tends to mean one of three places where you can change the appearance of and edit your avatar.

  • Click the Customize icon Y custom to open the Customize (Clothing) panel aka Closet. This is available to all users.
  • VIP-users can access the Utherverse Clothing System closets from the Social Center.
  • Lastly there is also the Clothing tab within your Social Center Home.

In-world closet[]

Click the Customize icon Y custom in the in the Corner Ring to open the Customize (Clothing) panel. This interface is divided in three sections. The right-hand side where you have the avatar settings and left-hand side where you can customize details of clothing and a preview of your avatar. Any changed you make are applied to the your avatar preview. there are check-boxes to quickly disable clothing items you do not want to wear. Note too, that the Edit avatar feature in your Social Center's My Home allows you to move clothing items more freely.

This interface is similar to the one used to edit the appearance of bots.

Utherverse Clothing System[]

The Utherverse Clothing System is only available to (U)VIP accounts. It allows you to change your appearance in far more detail then the in-game closet would allow you to edit. It is also possible to purchase clothing textures and mixed sets created by clothing designers. This is the main closet that should be used when applying clothing to your avatar.

Profile clothing[]


Direct avatar editing[]

Another way to change your clothing is with direct avatar editing and should in most cases only be used by clothing designers or those who want to edit their avatars meshes directly. This tool can be used to move certain items to other clothing layers and is also heavily used by the anything goes community for wearing props as clothing.

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