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Chatting is the main way to interact with other Utherverse users. You can chat to them by sending messages and read conversations.

The resizable Chat panel's default Local tab shows any messages sent by users in the same location as you. Note that anyone on your Ignore list cannot read anything you say, and likewise you will not see any messages they send. Users are listed by account age, with the oldest directly under your name.

One notable way of communicating in the chat window is via purple domain Broadcast messages. This is used for trivia games, contest, informational messages and other events held at the location.

Messages received on tabs other the one you have open flash and make an audible sound, this audible sound can be disabled in settings (F7 or /settings).

Private messages[]

This feature communicates with another user privately. VIPs can open a new Chat tab to another User by right-clicking either their avatar or their name in the Local tab of either the Chat or Friends List panel and then selecting Private message icon from the pop-up menu. The illustration above shows a private message tab for chatting to user _Vixen_. You can also create a private message to anyone that is online by typing /pm username message. You will see a message: Opening private channel to [username]. If the user you are trying to message is not online you get the following . error message: Failed to create private channel. (Could not find target user)

Group chat[]

VIPs can create a chat channel for private use with more than one person. This is usually achieved by either by typing /join Example password or clicking the Channel Viewer icon Group chat icon where you can manage your group chats. The password is optional, you can omit this when creating a group chat. The same method is used to join the channel as it is to create. The illustration above shows a group message tab for chatting to a group called Example.

Once you are in a group chat, a notification is displayed when anyone joins or leaves the channel.

Note: Basic members can join an existing group chat but cannot creat a new one.

Channel Viewer panel[]

Click the speech bubble icon ChatPanel openChannelViewer on the top of the Chat panel to open the Chat Viewer. This pop-up panel has two tabs, Group Chat and Voice Chat.

Group Chat tab[]

This tab has two sections.

The Available Channel area shows a list of chat group channels that you are currently connected to.

  • Select a channel and click the Leave button to close that channel.
  • Click the Plus icon to start a new channel or join an existing one.
  • Select a channel and click the Focus button to show that channel in the main Chat panel.

The Participants area shows the names of the users that are connected to the channel.

A group chat channel can be saved so that it re-opens when you login. To do this, right-click the <channelname> in the Available Chanel section and choose Remember, A Green tick is shown next to the channel name. To stop the channel being remembered, follow the same method, clicking Remember again to remove the green tick. A remembered channel does not automatically add you as a participant - to do this, open the channel viewer and click the Enter button.

Voice Chat[]


Chat colors[]

Color Explanation
This is used for info messages to inform you a specific friend has logged on to the game.
This is used for info messages to inform you a specific friend has logged out of the game.
This is used to display the name of the property you entered. This color is a darker shade then the friends logout message.
This color displays announcement messaged send by the domain Broadcast function.
This is always the chat color for messaged sent by yourself in Chat tabs.
This color is used by anyone other than yourself. Even if more then one person talks both of their chat will be white.
This color is exclusively used by Volunteers. Anyone can message these people even if a basic-user.
This color is exclusively used by Staff. Anyone can message these people even if a basic-user.
Friends chat, users you are friends have their name in this color
Broadcast and information messages from the server or staff are displayed in this color.

Chat panel icons[]

The Chat panel has additional functionality that is available in a series of seven icons across the top of the panel.

Icon Explanation
ChatPanel transp inc Increase panel transparency.
ChatPanel transp dec Decrease panel transparency.
ChatPanel txt inc Increase text size.
ChatPanel txt dec Decrease text size.
ChatPanel openChannelViewer Open the Channel Viewer pop-up panel (see above).
ChatPanel minimise Minimise panel.
ChatPanel maximise Maximise panel.

Chat commands[]

You can perform many actions using commands typed into the Chat tabs. Prefixing a chat line of text with a slash symbol / tells the Chat tab to expect a command and not to say the words. To use a text command, type the slash, then the words then press <Enter>.


Many of the dances can be performed as a single exotic dance action. You do not need to be on a dancefloor to perform these. The shortest from for /dance_exotic_part0 is /d. Use /dance, to open the Modern Dance Actions list and dance with the idle dance. The dance names are listed on the Emotes page.

Words that trigger avatar animations[]

If you type any of the following words in a sentence you will perform an emote.

angry Fdevil
devil Fdisappointed
frown Fgrin
grin Flol
lol or haha
loveyou Foh
oh Froflol
shifty Fsmile
smile Fsurprised
tongue Fwink
wink Ffinger

Chat history[]

Retrieve the last 30 lines you have typed by clicking into the chat box, then pressing the up arrow on your keyboard.

Clearing a chat tab[]

Type /clr into chat tab to clear the previous chat lines.

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