Utherverse Wiki

Utherverse Business offers comprehensive help with all of your business needs and inquiries around:

  • Advertising in Virtual Worlds.
  • All Things Weddings.
  • Placement in the Deco Directory.
  • The Events and Weddings Center.
  • Virtual Conventions.
  • Becoming the VWW of the Day.
  • Issuing UV business Licenses
  • Door Rentals.

You reach Utherverse Business using the link on the right of this page and also via the normal support channels.

UV Business License[]

Benefits of having a Business License are:

  • A UV Business badge can be displayed above their in-world username.
  • Access to an exclusive list of more than 30 business properties from your Social Center property catalog.
  • Create bots in non UVIP-owned locations.
  • Ability to apply for high-traffic doors on the streets of RedLightCenter, Virtual Vancouver and other Utherverse-owned and operated virtual worlds. This system allows completely customizable store fronts and in world locations are available. For more information about doors, see http://qawww.utherverse.com/businessnew/doors.shtml

Before you can apply get a Business license you must have been a member of Utherverse for a minimum of six months and have current VIP or UVIP membership. Once you have been approved, the funds for covering your license fee are automatically withdrawn from your account at the following rates:

  • 250 Rays per 3 months
  • 400 Rays per 6 months
  • 750 Rays per 1 year

To apply for a business license please use this form.