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Bots are non-playable avatars, that can be used to make it look like there are more people in a property then there actually are. They can also be interacted with like normal avatars, as you can invite them to massage, dance and sex. The latter requires a naked bot and a suitable nearby prop. Some of these interactions are limited compared to interacting with other users. Bots you create initially are female, but you can alter this in the bot's closet.

The Create Custom Bot script is only available in properties where the owner is a UVIP account. There are a few exceptions such as business and licensed decorators who can create bots in non UVIP-owned locations.

Creating a bot[]

Use a Trigger Box_01 as your base (parent) prop. Scale it to 0.1 X; 0.9 Y; 0.1 Z so that the trigger box is the approximate size of an avatar, and place the box on the floor. Click the scripts tab and add the CreateCustomBot script.

If you want to place the bot in the same space as a light trigger or dance trigger, we recommend that you use a 'wall' as your parent prop, scaled to 0.25 X; 1.0 Y; 2.0 Z , as there can sometimes be a conflict when using two triggers in the same space.

Editing a bot[]

Right-click on the bot and you will be able to edit their size, gender and clothes in the normal way that you would dress your own avatar in the closet. Your outfits that are are saved into slots in the in-game closet are available to dress your bot, however, if you are placing your bot for commercial use, check that you have permission of the texture owner/creator to use their outfits in this way.

Once you have released your bot, click on the parent prop (in this case the trigger box) and then right click again on the bot to get the option to edit the bot. If you try to move your bot, note that you will not see the change until you save and release the prop.

To make your bot nude, you will have to select this option in the in-world closet for the bot.

Animating bots[]

Bots can be animated using specific states in the State tab of the bot prop in the Prop Editor. Bot animation states are listed in the Zaby Bible.

Bots cannot move from their location, but can go to you if you ask them for a dance, or have sex/massage (providing you an the bot are naked and sex is allowed in the location's rules).

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